December 31, 2012

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, remedies types

General info about the method:

Remedies to apply may be taken from those proposed for various alternative cancer treatment protocols:
1. Herbs compositions with specific cancer fighting properties, to strengthen the immune system etc
2. Baker soda - to alkalize body to make it more Yang fighting the main cancer's energy of Cold.
The same effect has the anticancer remedy mentioned here:
--- Blackseed oil - 120 ml
--- Blackseed seeds finely milled - 125g
Soda is actually taken in drinks which is itself a general action, so chakral applications may not be essential.
3. Parasite killing drugs like Metronidazole to fight the parasite constituent of the disease
4. Enzymes of of broad spectrum of action like papain/bromelain to help destroy cancer's formations. 

What chakras and fingers to use for a remedy is a choice for a practitioner.
Generally, there is no need for a special choice as chakras choice is the same for every finger.

Leukemia treatment, chakras to apply remedies

General info in the post:

All leukemia cases get the same general scheme involving:
--- Cold VI and Burn III chakras
--- Heat chakra II, cardiovascular system

One may add one more chakra corresponding to the energy of a blood cell involved in cancerous process; the listing is in:
--- for monocytes this is Wind energy, chakra I
--- for basophils - Dryness chakra V
--- for neutrophils - Dampness chakra IV.

Special cases:
--- for T-lymphocytes = Burn and eosinophils = Cold, the energies match the main cancer's energies, 
so the 4-th chakra is not needed 
--- for B-lymphocytes controlled by energy of Heat, 4-th chakra matches the 3-rd chakra of Heat proposed for general leukemia scheme (above)
--- the same applies to megakariocytes, Darkness and erythrocytes, Light, which correspond to Cold and Burn chakras respectively for this scheme, i,e 4-th chakra not needed. 

December 30, 2012

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, endocrine system
Endocrine system generally belongs to energy of Dampness, so chakras choice to treat cancer within it is:
--- chakras of Cold, VI, red, and Burn, III, blue, as main cancer's energies
--- Dampness chakra IV, yellow.

Componenets of endocrine system are classified by energies, allowing to choose 
4-th chakra specific to a stricken organ:
--- thyroid - Heat, II
--- thymus - Wind, I
--- adrenals - Dryness, V
for thyroid cancer the chakral choice:
--- Cold VI, 
--- Burn III
--- Dampness IV
--- Heat II

For the organs below:
--- pituitary gland - Burn
--- ovaries, testicles - Cold
these energies match one of main cancer's energies and the corresponding chakra.
--- pancreas - Dampness
matches the main energy for endocrine system
thus for these 3 cases the chakral recipe is the same as general recipe for endocrine system: Cold, Burn, Dampness.
The same is for:
--- hypotalamus - Light, attributed to Burn
--- pineal gland = Darkness, attributed to Cold.

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies II

Fingers to use for the treatment described in:

One uses 3 fingers following the logic of charkas choice:
1. two fingers remain the same for any cancer/sarcoma case: both ring fingers representing
energies of Cold and Burn
2. 3-rd finger is determined by the disease location by energy:
left hand:
--- index finger - Heat
--- little finger - Wind
right hand:

--- index finger - Dryness
--- little finger - Dampness
so for stomach cancer = Dampness, 3-rd finger is little finger right hand.

The chakral choice is the same on all 3 fingers.

December 29, 2012

Poorly healing fractures II

Related to the post:

One may add massage/moxa treatment/plant seeds etc for a Kidney and Bladder zones
in a Correspondence system, so far bones are controlled by energy of Cold, 
also controlling kidneys:

special finger of Cold is ring finger right hand, so working on both ring fingers also involves energy of Burn the main healing one for chronic traumas.

One may also do a chakral treatment, which is a field for specialists; simplest version for non-specialists 
but still on fundamental level, is heating by moxa the Outer Cold boyl-chakra:

at every finger root, on both hands.
Size 4-5 mm.

Specialists may add the same for one more chakra
corresponding to the energy of a broken bone in regional mapping, i.e. External chakra of Dampness for hip bones controlled by energy of Dampness etc.

Finally, one may use Physical chakra of Cold, which is external urethral orifice, in any Correspondence system, similar to the above treatment.

December 27, 2012

(Chronic) pelvic pain

Pelvis regionally is mapped in energies:
Cold (bones)--->Cold (pelvis)
with pain being excess of Ho energies family:
--- dull, annoying - Dampness
--- sharp, twisting - Dryness
--- strong constant - Cold
Chronic process relates to energy of Darkness in 8 Qi or Neito in Triorigin:

--- green points - needles perpendicularly
--- brown lines - needles direction
--- colour of points indicate colour of natural crystals to be taped onto

Violet point is sedation of Darkness in case of a chronic process; otherwise it is green
(needle perpendicularly or no needle).

Self-treatment is much stronger with heating of the points by 3 incense sticks in a sequence, perpendicularly to all at comfortable distance, 1 min each, which one may do right through the tape (to be thin enough).

December 18, 2012

Poorly healing fractures, blood vessels network

In case of poor blood supply to the fracture location the bone ends may die to hamper the healing of the fracture (aseptic necrosis).

To promote blood supply to the fracture location, for example, in case of hip fracture:
Cold--->X (location of fracture)--->Heat--->Heat: Ho sedate, He tone up,

for both men and women.

Poorly healing fractures

The problem may seriously endanger a pro athlete career to terminate it especially serious cases.
Weakened immune system, older age and improper treatment may complicate healing of a fracture resulting in various problems.
Evaluation of poorly healing accompanied by bacterial infection which involves pathogenic energies also
common for other types of injuries: poorly healing gunshot wounds etc:

--- inflammation - Heat
--- swelling, matter accumulation - Dampness
--- energy behind the pathogenic microorganisms, pain - Cold

which gives a Crossing Constitution of Heat, Dampness and Cold excess, which implies sedating those and toning up Dryness, Wind and Burn

One gets the energy path to trauma location by:
Cold ( bones)--->X
where X is determined by energy mapping for bones:
--- left leg - Wind
--- left arm - Heat 
--- ribs - Burn
--- cranium - Light
--- right arm - Dampness
--- right leg - Dryness
--- pelvis - Cold
--- spinal column - Darkness

the full scheme for a fraction anywhere in right leg is:
Cold (bones)--->Dryness (right leg): Heat, Dampness, Cold sedate, Wind, Burn, Dryness tone up

There is classification for extremities:
--- foot - Wind
--- shin - Heat
--- hip - Burn
--- hip - Dampness
--- shin -Dryness
--- foot - Cold, for women in pubertate age is is reversed: right foot-Wind--->...---> left foot - Cold

The hip bone can be divided further into sections corresponding to energies, which concentrates healing energy in the fracture location. 

Posterior vitreous detachment case

To expand the vitreous gel which gets shrinking:

 left hand, acute case

To manage retina detachment and tears if this takes place, toning up Ho and No:

toning up Ho and No for strongest action in case of rapidly developing problem; for ordinary cases there may be enough to have just He sedate, Ho tone up,
black point removed. 

The same in Nails system:

The schemes were composed for a case of rapidly developing problem (a big black spot hampering vision) in 6 days.
The first scheme in such case may need toning up Darkness as universal calming energy:

The same in Triorigin:

The scheme in Time Energies referring to the date the problem has appeared:

November 18.
The scheme may be done for self-treatment:
all needles/moxibustion perpendicular to points.

December 15, 2012

Aplastic anemia case, in details - correction

It should read "hemoglobine" for "erythrocytes count" everywhere (initial text version was compiled not by
me) - now corrected.

December 14, 2012

Aplastic anemia case, in details

Serious cases of aplastic anemia are fatal without treatment, and life-saving procedures
like blood transfusions, thrombocytes replacement, steroids treatment, can't free one from constant
suffering which sometimes may be hard to find another disease to compare to.

The below observations were based on a very serious case (4 years ago):
--- despite blood transfusions, the hemoglobin count didn't rise more than 60-65 first 3 monthes, which made one feel as if being constantly at altitude of over 5000m, so far normal count is 120
--- there has been constant bleeding as petechiae due to capillaries walls permeability and thrombocytes
lack. This may also involve larger vessels, and in extreme case bleeding from a large brain vessel
can create life-threatening situation with urgent need of surgery.
For this case, one was seriously suffering from: haematomas on inner sides of cheeks, gums inflammation and bleeding
--- the weakened immune system can't protect from various infections, and immunosuppressive therapy
makes this even worse. 
There's been very little standard medicine treatment, including cyclosporine and blood transfusions, the patient's state was quickly deteriorating.
Besides, the patient had a quite serious gall bladder stones problem.

The Su-jok treatment involved:

1. Basic energy points, the scheme on hands (while in fact this was performed on feet):

This simple scheme has been doing much more than even a specialist could expect
--- his state seriously improved during a week, so he was able to get up from bed and since then actually hasn't been in bed for any significant time, except 2 week-long courses in hospital
--- during one of his stay in hospital for blood transfusion with hemoglobin of 45, when one can hardly breathe, he was walking over the premises, watched TV outside the room and even smoked, to amaze doctors and staff.

2. Spiral schemes, real patient's hand:
--- to prevent further destruction of bone marrow cells and collect energy in bone marrow
Heat--->Darkness: Burn (destruction) sedate, Cold tone up, done on left palm, structural aspects

--- to treat aplastic anemia as progressing deterioration, resulting in total loss of bone marrow function, the scheme opposite to previous:
Heat--->Darkness: Cold (function loss) sedate, Burn tone up, done on right palm, functional aspects

Due to certain reasons, the initial versions of the Spiral schemes had opposite spin to what's usually considered for left and right palms.

Later sequence was added to strengthen capillaries walls to fight petechiae. With no direct path to capillaries in 8 Qi, the scheme assumed Light energy, so far they are Neitro in Triorigin classification:
Light (capillaries)--->Dryness (walls) 

this proved working well, and since that the petechiae seriously dropped 
(100% vanishing at times). 

3. To stimulate bone marrow in hip bone through points on finger joints, irradiating by pulsing green light.:

Despite being relatively mild treatment and green light being generally harmonizing tool, this used to cause very strong pain later at night making the patient wake up at 2 AM asking for painkiller, and even asking to stop doing this scheme.
This tells, aplastic anemia can create serious energy blocks inside bones to complicate treatment.

4. Schemes by Time Energies in 8 Qi, both relating to crucial dates like first time spotting the problem:

 the moment of disease has stricken

 a moment of disease relapse

There's been more schemes to solve problems arising frequently:

5. Schemes in Correspondence systems for organs: spleen, liver, small intestine (to manage low-grade fever and  digestive disorders), heart, lungs, hip bones 

6. Constant need to correct low-grade fever in first 3 monthes, done mainly by crystals treatment (amethyst)

7. Using red stones and hematite to promote blood production; this however conflicted with constant 
low-grade fever mentioned above. One of solutions was to have amethyst on Yang part like palm, and hematite at Yin, feet.

8. Correcting digestive problems, for example a scheme for pancreas (Yoga-system):

There's been constant need to correct arising problems, the extreme one described below, and constant struggle to keep everything in balance.
There's been ups and downs, for example, once it was critical situation - happened 3 monthes since treatment started (!):
--- fever = 39.5, hemoglobin = 36 (!!), thrombocytes = 1 (!!)
in several days after blood transfusion/Spiral schemes treatment:  
erythrocytes = 80, thrombocytes = 6000 

It took about 3,5 monthes for the blood counts to begin steadily rising; in 6 monthes he has hit the normal hemoglobin of 123 and a good count for thrombocytes, normal appearance without petechiae and noticeable red colour on cheeks. 
On the other hand, the bone marrow biopsy hasn't shown any significant raise in blood stem cells by that moment.
Shortly after that, his parents inclined to a new treatment which at that moment was considered promising
and they stopped asking for treatment (in fact, his father was well-versed in Su-jok so he could go on with these schemes himself).


The recipe in energies:
Darkness (reproductive system)--->Heat (vagina):
then proper energy for pain to choose: 

--- dull, annoying - Dampness; 
--- sharp, twisting - Dryness; 
--- constant strong - Cold, 
so the recipe for the first case:
Darkness (reprod. system)---Heat (vagina): Dampness sedate, Wind (opposite energy) tone up


 left hand, women.

the same in Nails system:

--- marking the points 
--- taping natural green crystals onto by thin medicine tape
--- heating of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together, in a sequence, perpendicularly to points at comfortable distance to have constant pleasant flow of heat, 1 min each

All 3 cases can be are treated the same in Triorigin energies: Ho sedate, He tone up:

December 13, 2012

Triorigin scheme, fibromyalgia

Main symptoms of fibromyalgia are widespread pain, fatigue, and pain in response to tactile pressure and some other including stiffness in joints, which altogether relate to Ho excess; the scheme:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-Ho (muscles)-Ho-No (nerv. system): Ho sedate, He tone up, Ne tone up, No control

right hand, chronic case, though for women treatment may give better results on left hand even for chronic cases.

In case of muscles spasms one may perform additional scheme aimed on sedating He in a particular area
of muscular system. 


Sleep problems can be helped by:
though this is more aimed on insomnia from overstrain; on the other hand, constant pain and other symptoms are serious stressful factors.

December 10, 2012

Bulimia and anorexia II

The Outer chakras layout on finger for Lunar (Secondary) Diamond:

the Dampness chakra and other 3
on Horizontal Border meridian are located similar to Outer chakras in Standard Diamond System, but at navel height.
Upper chakra matches mouth, lower
matches anus.

Working on Lunar Diamond is essential for all disorders involving digestive system in any way.

Detailed description is beyond the scope of this blog;  one may compose a recipe by testing the marked 
(Triorigin) points (or those on 6 or 8 Qi positioned similar to standard boyl-chakras).
Closing/opening mouth path for the treatment has been described earlier.
--- one may sedate/tone up Wind chakra to deal with impulsive behavour
--- Heat and Dryness chakras may be used to treat everything related to depression, Wind-Dampness pair
to manage anxiety
--- Upper and Lower chakras to treat compulsive behavour similar to drug addiction

The Triorigin sequence for Outer and Inner boyl-chakras, Border and Core meridians is projected on the same fingers joints as for Solar Diamond, so treatment in there automatically uses
Lunar Diamond.

December 9, 2012

Anorexia, fear-based

Referring to: 
Fear is the deepest negative emotion being at the end of 6 Qi Energies cycle:

Dampness (anxiety) --->Dryness (depression)--->
Cold (fear)
so the scheme addressing fear may be universal for the 
emotions-based approach to anorexia treatment.

The scheme:
Cold (fear)--->Dampness (digestive system in general): Cold, Dryness sedate, Wind, Heat, Burn tone up

left palm, choice for women.
One may also try toning up Darkness as universal
calmness energy, if the situation suggests.

December 8, 2012

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies

Outer boyl-chakras allow most fundamental action and their easy mapping on fingers make simple treatment by application of cancer-fighting remedies possible to everyone.
Each chakra presents an energy, which controls the corresponding organ/system:

exists on every finger, mapping for left and right
hand is exactly the same:
--- VI - chakra of Cold - red
--- V - chakra of Dryness, orange
--- IV - Dampness, yellow
--- I - Wind, green
--- II - Heat, azure
--- III - Burn, blue

Chakras are 4-5 mm size; their centres are:
--- exactly where the median line
crosses the joint line for the middle joint
--- for Cold chakra - the root of every finger
just below the knuckle
--- for Burn chakra - the top of finger

Links between organs/systems and energies controlling them have been given in:

Cancer treatment by this approach involves 3 chakras:
--- first two are the same for every cancer: chakras of Cold, VI, and Burn III, which represent
2 main cancer's energies - Cold for rooting and Burn for spreading
--- third chakra is determined by the above listing, i.e. for stomach, spleen cancer it is chakra of
Dampness, yellow; for liver/gall bladder/sarcoma in muscular tisue this is Wind chakra I.
Anticancer remedy is applied onto the spots for 30 min to several hours.

First 2 chakras control cancer throughout the whole body, seen by the position of both, coccyx/top of head.
3-rd chakra corresponding to the stricken organ/system allows direct action on the source of the problem.

In fact, it controlls the whole region of body mapped at left.


Nerv. system is controlled by energy of Burn and kidneys/bladder/bones controlled by energy of Cold, so for these cases the third chakra matches either Cold or Burn chakras, i.e. no need for 3-rd chakra. 

Cancer in reproductive system which is controlled by energy of Darkness, corresponds to Cold chakra in this scheme so again no need for 3-rd chakra.

December 7, 2012

2-path scheme, mesothelioma

General info on 2-path approach for cancer treatment:

The inner lining of organs has general path to as Dryness (skin, membranes)--->Darkness, so the scheme is:
[Dryness (skin, membranes)--->Darkness (inner structures)]--->[2-path scheme]:

left palm, acute case

More detailed schemes aimed at thoracic region for lungs/pericardium tumour location:

Abdominal location:

Finally, the reproductive system, testicles related:

multiple choice for points reflects the above sequence, needles inserted 2 times.

December 6, 2012

2-path scheme, nephroblastoma

To add to a post on boyl-chakras for a nephroblastoma case:

[Burn (nerv.system)--->Cold (kidneys)]--->[2-path scheme]

left hand, acute case.

Also, preferable treatment hand
for women.

General idea and more info on 2-path schemes 
was given earlier.

December 5, 2012


Anorexia has generally the opposite approach to described for bulimia (previous post):
[Mental energies]--->[emotional energies]---> [Triorigin sequence to satisfaction as emotion]---> [path to mouth]: No, Ho sedate, He, Ne tone up

  --- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction 

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,7

--- red - 4,5

--- white - 3,6
Also, may be simple heating of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.

The same to aim on pleasure emotion:

description and self-treatment 
the same.

one of schemes will
be preferable.

Everything written to bulimia applies to anorexia considering emotional and mental roots,
and the need to restore energy on most fundamental level:

the system of Core meridians where most
fundamental energy debts occur.



The scheme to stimulate digestive system:
No-Ho-Ne-He-Ne-He: No, Ho sedate, He, Ne tone up

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction 

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,7

--- red - 3,4

--- white - 5,6
 two crystals on the same point 2,5.
 The same for heating.

Anorexia can be life-threatening due to severe disruption of metabolism and the proteins metabolism
in particular. Schemes may be added for the crucial parts responsible for proteins procession: duodenum, small intestine etc.

The scheme to promote the mouth path in Correspondence system:

good to do on all fingers altogether; finger for digestive system - little finger right hand.

brown line - needle direction.
There also may be every sort of stimulation for digestive system organs: massage, heating, plant seeds (blackseed is good option), magnets with south pole to skin, red light together with green, the same for low-energy laser beam, etc.

Immune system general balancing and strengthening is also supposed:



Treatment scheme:

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,4
--- black - 3

Also, may be simple heating of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.

The scheme can't be explained in details in this blog; it is treatment of bulimia as addiction developing through mouth, aiming on satisfaction from food:
[Mental energies]--->[emotional energies]---> [Triorigin sequence to satisfaction as emotion]---> [path to mouth]: No tone up 
Second version aims on pleasure as emotion:

treatment is the same.

One of schemes will be preferable.

This gives general approach to bulimia treatment; however, everyone has it's own particular harmful emotion or mental pattern for the roots for this disease, which may have nothing to do with need for joy or satisfaction from food, and suggests individual energy path on emotional and mental energies.

It's essential to restore energy on most fundamental level in Diamond Energy system structures,
like Core meridians, and seal energy holes, and weak zones in Outer and Inner boyl-chakras, i.e
the same as for diabetes, cancer etc:

the system of Core meridians where most
fundamental energy debts occur


The scheme to generally slow down digestive system work:
No-Ho-Ne-He-Ne-He: He sedate, Ho tone up, Ne tone up, No control 

again, this is not in digestive system where the origin for the problem is, so this should be used with caution
and at relatively early stages of disease, so far bulimic patients usually have their metabolism disrupted. 

This, together with previous scheme, can bring the situation under control, which in many cases may turn out enough.

The scheme to narrow the mouth path in Correspondence system:

brown line -needle direction.
Self-treatment - taping black natural crystal onto.