March 4, 2011

Colon cancer, metastatic in liver and pelvis II

Previous schemes concentrated on a particular areas affected by cancer; there can be schemes 
which cover the whole area.
All striken zones fall into below diaphragm; the whole area is controlled by Lower Core meridian
in Diamond Energy system:

This is one of 6 meridians crossing body deep in the centre of a trunk.

They are choice for:
--- cancer in general because it is Yin ="internal" disease
--- deep-rooting cancer affecting organs, bones  etc.
--- slow-developing cancer resistant to treatment

Work in Diamond Energy system can't be recommended for non-professionals being much less forgiving to mistakes or wrong diagnosis than Nails or Spiral systems.
To illustrate the method, one of possible treaments for this case:


 The points:
--- blue - sedation of cancer's root energy Cold, also energy of bones
--- light blue - sedation of Dryness 1) energy of colon 2) energy of tissue cancer roots
in, epithelium; tone up Heat (opposite energy)
--- green - sedation of Dampness, the energy of lymphatic system used by cancer to
--- yellow - sedation of Wind, energy behind cancer's spreading, also energy of liver
--- sedation of Darkness - the fundamental energy of chronic persistent deep condition, 
tone up Light, opposite energy.

Finger may be universal for all cancer types, ring finger right hand. 

Diamond Energy system allows most fundamental action but Core meridians put much responsibility:
--- treatment is usually slower than in Spiral systems and Light-Darkness schemes posted in previous entry.
Light-Darkness schemes also belong to Diamond Energy system but the meridians are on the surface with much faster action, easier to correct.

  --- treatment is on very deep level, so mistakes will be even more difficult to correct.

Similar scheme for a case of lung cancer metastatic in brain:

at right, covering the whole body above diaphragm.
Points show a version of treatment similar to the discussed,
at left.

There is however a version of the above treatment on fingers joints.
This is similarly safe as Nails and Spiral system.

The scheme has the same points on the jont line at 45* to each other which is much easier to find.

Colour of points is as usual colour of natural crystals to tape on.