May 30, 2011

Cancer, energy holes

The most fundamental body energy system, the Diamond Energy system, allows
most fundamental action.
A brief overview of body energy feeding mechanisms and the idea of energy holes which are
essential for cancer origin.

There are 3 Border meridians going around:

mapping the Border meridians on fingers,
which allow easy and fast treatment.

Where they cross there appear Outer chakras:

Their main function is to absorb and transfer energy inside via
6 Core meridians, crossing the body inside, which connect them.

This is the way for all outer harmful energies and influence to get into body, which is important considering cancer and many other serious conditions have emotional/mental roots.

Poorly functioning or having weak part chakra becomes a gate 
to negative energy.

It then enters a system of Inner chakraswhich determine type and location in body 
cancer can take roots:

5 - bowel, skin cancer
4 - stomach, spleen, pancreas
3 - face, eyes, brain

As cancer structures get more and more developed, functioning of Core meridians and Inner chakras gets disrupted and blocked which destroys body function leaving areas more and more isolated with less and less energy supply to damage organs and body systems.

Thus the weak area or an energy hole in chakra which made the disease possible, is actually being replicated and further developed in body, which may lead to critical damage as energy hole which carries away body energy unstopped, and a gate to secondary infections which body can't beat.

Spotting and performing treatment to seal these holes can make critical part in cancer