June 24, 2011

Cancer treatment on vocal cords zones II

Results obtained from practice show more than theory suggests:
--- treatment started on a suggested zone invokes other zones in short while
--- there is tendency for the zones which become active, to emerge specifically on Heat and Burn
areas. Heat is connected to cardiovascular system and heart is known to be a target for negative emotions,
which may lead to heart problems.
Burn is main energy for nervious system and the role of negative thoughts and thinking as cancer's trigger
mechanism is well-known; negative thought or memory is always in the centre of harmful emotional 

Also, energy picture changes quite rapidly during treatment (compared to systems more in use).
Treatment by emotional energies gives faster effect than treatment by vital energies i.e. energies of organs because of them being more labile than vital energies.
For treatment on vocal cords zones, the speed of energy changes seems to be close to that for emotional energies if working by vital energies, which demonstrate close link of vocal cords to emotions.

There is other evidence of unique position of vocal system and it's links to fundamental energy
structures, in particular, in brain, which confirms facts written above and makes treatment on vocal cords zones promising approach.

June 23, 2011

Cancer treatment on vocal cords zones

As cancer always has emotional roots, vocal cords can be valuable path for treatment
so far vioce is strongly connected to and readily reflects emotions.
Vocal cords mapping on palm has been given in another blog with a lot of practical
applications for voice and singing problems:
the post is exactly about treatment of emotional problems through their links to 
vocal cords and zones on them.
Cancer's energies have been described earlier; summarizing:

1.Physical structures it roots: 
--- epithelium - Dryness
--- energy of tumour formations - Cold
2. Energy behind cancer's proliferation is Burn (and Wind to start metastasising)
3. Energy behind the system it spreads: Dampness, the lymphatic system

These energies control the corresponding emotions:
--- Cold - fear
--- Dryness - sadness, grief, depression
--- Dampness - anxiety
--- Burn - eiphoria, feeling of superiority

The organs and areas striken by cancer also have their characteristic energies, which addresses
for example, breast cancer to Wind areas on vocal cords zones, stomach cancer - to Dampness
areas etc.