January 13, 2012

Lance Armstrong collarbone, acu schemes II

This entry has had many visits; more information on collarbone fracture with more advanced schemes:
1. Fundamental Triorigin scheme:
--- to help bones fragments join, used first 7-8 days since accident:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-No---Ho-He-He (left collarbone) or Ne (right collarbone): He (disintegration)
sedate, Ho (joining) tone up, Ne tone up, No control

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- lines show needles direction
Index finger, points 4-7:
--- upper joint - left collarbone
--- lower joint - right collarbone

left hand, acute case.

--- to promote better circulation in affected area, at later stages of recovery if needed, also in case of poorly healing fractures: 
the same but Ho (weak function) sedate, He tone up.

--- for especially persistent cases of poorly healing fractures one may also sedate Neito (absence of 
No sedate, Ho sedate, He tone up, Ne tone up
2. Scheme by Time Energies: composed by the date the accident happened.
There are already many such schemes in this blog.
Date of accident: 3/23/2009:

--- green points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - scheme to join
bones fragments
--- red lines - two needles at different angle for the scheme to promote

Triorigin schemes, urine retention

Scheme and treatment the same as for bladder stones:

Triorigin schemes, overactive bladder

The scheme and treatment the same as for cystitis:

Triorigin schemes, cystitis

No-Ho-Ne-Ho-Ne-He-Ne-Ho: He sedate, Ho (calming) tone up, Ne tone up
No control: 

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- lines show needles direction
2 needles in point 2,6
left hand, acute case.

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,3,7
--- blue - 4,5
--- white - 6
green and white crystal onto point 2,6.
Also, may be simple moxibustion of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.