October 8, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, correction

According to what patient told today, he used 20-21 units of long-acting insulin 2 times a day
before the Su-jok treatment began, and 17 units after 4-th session.
After 5-th session he is on 15 units.

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 5

Patient reported about some sickness since the last session; emotional state good.
Also, he began feeling his pancreas as some pain and a clogged warm zone in there.
Skin rush essentially disappeared on lower half of shoulders; about half of the initial amount
left on trunk.

Sugar levels: 
Oct 1- 5,6
Oct 2 - 7.6

Patient began experiencing hypoglycemia episodes when sugar levels dropped to
2.8 in the afternoon; after a snack 13,3
Oct 3 - 11.2 (again after some sweets to manage hypoglycemia)
he's keeping the same medication.

1.Triorigin scheme, discussed earlier.
2. Treatment by Time Energies, past+present for diabetes, discussed earlier:
3. Needles into pancreas, colon and bladder zones and moxa treatment.
4.  Treatment on chakras in Neitro system on fingers joints.
A. Internal Chakras; sedation of Homo - the main diabetes pathogenic energy, on:
--- Cold chakra - main pathogenic energy
--- Dryness - pathogenic energy
--- Dampness: pancreas, insulin-producing cells
--- Wind - liver 
by needles and moxa treatment, the patient was feeling it in details.
The chakral points were essentially clogged; liver points were also clogged in contrast to
points on liver meridian in Nails system.
Combined moxa heating for needles in organs zones and needles on chakras made points unblock 

B. External chakras – sedation of He on Cold chakra to repair an energy hole, discussed earlier.
The patient told he was feeling all his emotional and physical problems subsiding during this, 
which confirmed damage there is critical for his case.

5. Core meridians, the same scheme:
on Vertical Lower Left  + Horizontal Lower Left meridians which appeared amazingly clear and responsive 
to treatment, at some moment the patient told about strong flow of energy coming inside.

6. Patient wished to try ear acupuncture which he heared magical properties about.
There's been short moxa session to try his response and how this would interact with
basic finger and palm schemes.
He felt treatment much better and told about warmth in bladder and pancreas when Border meridians
of Cold (bladder, kidneys) and Dampness (spleen, pancreas) were being treated, respectively.
He was feeling the energy and emotional uplift for 30 min after the session then a sickness he could barely stand up 
from bed.

Such massive session (on patient's request) led to hypoglycemia later at night:
--- he couldn't sleep up to 2 AM with sugar level of 2.8
--- he woke up at 4.00 AM with sugar level 2.5, had a tea with sugar and apples.
At 6.30 AM sugar level 6.0.