September 30, 2011

Anxiety and anxiety attacks, simple treatment

Anxiety as emotion is linked to energy of Dampness.
Simplest treatment is heating nails of both little fingers as little finger right hand
is controlled by energy of Dampness and little finger left hand by energy of Wind,
which is opposite to Dampness:

heating all over nails surface at comfortable distance
until there's distinct feeling of warmth in both.

For longer action one can additionally:
--- paint both nails in green, colour of Wind energy
--- have small green crystals taped in the centre of both

Simple treatment by points:

--- marking points by colours
--- taping crystals of the same colour onto
--- heating points in a sequence perpendicular to points by several incense sticks tied together 0.5-1 min each.

For anxiety attacks one may address energy of Wind as energy behind an attack:
Dampness--->Wind: He sedate, Ho tone up, Ne control

September 24, 2011

Acute depression

Simple scheme to manage acute depression on points around nails, which work fast 
so suitable for emergency help.

 the scheme levels Heat-Dryness main energies.

Points are 2-3 mm size at 45* to each other on flesh around nails touching nails from outside.

--- marking points by colours
--- taping natural crystals of the same colour onto
--- heating points perpendicular to them in sequence of numbers by several incense sticks tied together,
until pleasant warmth at each point.

Point 5 may be used or not depending on a case so detached from it's position: it raises Yang energy 
on Heat meridian which is all Yang symptomes like emotions outbursts.

September 6, 2011

8 Qi Constitutions, psoriasis

Energy Constitution for a disease:
--- Wind - tendency to spread
--- Burn - elements of psoriasis bulging over skin surface
--- Dryness - skin as target and dryness of skin as symptome
--- Darkness - chronic condition

--- sedation of the above energies
--- toning up the opposite group of energies: Dampness, Cold, Heat and Light:


treatment on joint 2, A-Dryness, skin

Colour of points is sedation/toning up in 8 Qi
and colour of natural crystals to tape on for
Brown lines show direction of needles for this scheme.

First treatment is done on joint 2 then the point on joint 8.