October 5, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 3

The patient gave an impression of more energy and balanced emotional state which he confirmed;
voice sounding stronger and more colourful.
Skin rush disappeared on lower 2/3 of forearms.

1. Autoimmune scheme with incorporated Time energies sequences: the date of diabetes was diagnosed,
by external and internal Time scale.
The External Time Energies sequence (calendar date for the moment the disease was diagnosed):
The Internal Time Energies (the same date on Times Energies scale which starts at one's moment 
of birth):

autoimmune scheme with Internal Time energies sequence on right hand.

On left hand there was just a sequence for External time energies in Joints system.


The patient was feeling distinct harmonization for left and right side of body and also warmth deep inside coming up.

2. A scheme on Lower Core meridian which covers whole trunk below diaphragm
to work on pancreas, liver, bladder:

--- sedation of Dryness - light blue point
--- sedation of Cold and toning up Burn - blue points
--- toning up Wind - green point

3. Energy correction in Nails system (frequently used in this blog) which is also good for emotional 
correction - Triorigin points of all Nails meridians: 

--- little finger right hand: all points except Gomo are essentially blocked and crammed by pathogenic energy on pancreas meridian (Dampness)
--- but there was unexpected path to unlock this on Wind meridian, the little finger left hand (liver), energy to easily fill body through Neito

This case has general Neito energy (life-claiming) behind so managing this by energy of the same type is essential.

The patient told sugar level began to drop since 3-rd session, about 8mmol/l while before it was 
generally at 12-16.
Figures day by day in next post.