May 12, 2013

Spinal cord damage, gunshot wounds, Local and "Light-Darkness" schemes

Referred to the previous post, Local scheme for the damaged area T3-T6:

the ellipse comprises spinal cord from T3 to T6.

Points with needles direction:
--- 2 red - sedation of Ho and toning up He: fighting trauma energy Ho and promoting positive change
--- Ne toning up
--- No toning up as "termination" of  present situation of paralysis.

2-nd version with No sedation:

the same with No sedation regarding
No as major energy for paralysis.

Both schemes are to be alternated.

Schemes to concentrate energy in ailing place via different mechanism (modified Light-Darkness schemes working well for traumas). Allow to target T3 and T6 individually (in fact, the Local schemes can do the same).

 Targeting T3:

3 options for the final point 3:
--- sedation - black
--- toning up - red
--- harmonizing/balancing - green 

their use depends on:
--- time passed since trauma moment: black point effective at first moments to several hours to manage acute trauma energy which can make a big difference for future recovery
--- toning up used for chronic diseases/traumas
--- harmonization may be used anytime

The same for T6:

These and the Local schemes can be used together.
One may also combine such Light-Darkness scheme with Local scheme in one scheme to get more action on the problem