July 9, 2011

"Beating" cancer

Cancer is unique in certain aspects, just to mention:
--- it has acsess to all body energy sources
--- it's structures are well-protected from immune system
--- it can adapt and modify itself in response to treatment
One can't "beat" cancer as cancer cells are normally constantly produced by body.
The problem appears when they start to root and evolve into tumour which behaves as ultimate parasite,
which implies certain factors to make this possible.

Su-jok medicine attributes formation of dense structures to energy of Cold, which is also energy of forming, crystallization etc.
Thus to make tumour formation possible, the body energy should be seriously shifted to Yin state
as Cold is ultimate Yin energy.
This means, if one keeps his energies relatively balanced, cancer cells simply CAN'T develop
into tumour.
This right-away gives several approaches to keep one from shifting to too much Yin:
--- meals balanced by Yin-Yang, which was discussed in:
--- physical exercise as Yang factor
--- uptake of opposite energies like Heat, Burn which is easily done by heating basic energy points
by moxa cigars. Besides, basic energy points raise body energy in general which is indispensible
for treatment of serious conditions
--- keeping healthy emotional state, as Yin energies : Dampness, Dryness, Cold, relate to emotions: 
anxiety - Dampness; grief, depression - Dryness; fear - Cold.

Since cancer has formed, within main Yin energy it creates a Yang nucleus responsible for cancer's spreading. 
Cancer's cells produced by body don't have this quality.
This  also makes situation much more complex as those simple methods can no longer be expected to effectively prevent the process - simple raising of body Yang can support cancer's proliferation.
One needs methods which can target Yin and Yang aspects of cancer individually and
alternate them keeping both cancer aspects under control.

All this has been discussed separately earlier in this blog; the idea is to stress, beating cancer
is somewhat different from what takes place when fighting viruses or malaria parasites.