January 29, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords, head shot IV

According to the recent CNN article:
Possible problems:
--- brain infection
--- buildup of fluid in brain
Managing brain swelling was in first post; for infection:
--- bacterial and virus infection generally relates to energy of Cold
which is the same as main energy of trauma since several hours from accident and 
the scheme was also in first post.

Infection is accompanyed by inflammation, so there are 2 energies to deal with: Cold and Heat.

Fluid accumulation is excess of Dampness, so the scheme to cover all:

--- 1 - path to brain
--- 2 - sedation of Cold, bacteria+virus
--- 3 - sedation/harmonization of Dampness, fluids accumulation
--- 4 - sedation of Heat, inflammation
--- 5 - tone up Darkness, restoring integrity of tissues
--- 6 - tone up Wind, fluids accumulation
--- 7 - tone up Burn, opposite to Cold, healing trauma and fighting infection
--- 8, 9 - controlling energies.
The 3 energies to sedate can lead to standard scheme by disease Constitution to imply toning up the rest 3 energies, which is alternative approach, to have energy of Darkness as controlling. 

Energy of Darkness has 2 meanings:
--- closing of wound as opposite to energy of bullet - Light
--- but it is harmful in case of paresis, paralysis.
This is easily solved if compose individual schemes:
--- for structural aspects - it restores brain tissues
--- for functional aspects where it causes all functions losses and is to be sedated