July 21, 2011

Cycling, Chi-Gong and Su-jok medicine II

That Su-Jok medicine can operate with body systems which can open up prospects to help exercise those systems, not just recovery, is really interesting. 
Su-Jok can directly work with immune system and every component of it, and also with Border and Core meridians which are fundamental store of energy, which can allow one to accumulate energy there and use it at critical moments, like hard mountain climb.

This can narrow the gap between time trial specialists and pure mountain climbs specialists, making win 
of Giro or Tour de France in general classification for riders like Fabian Cancellara or Sylvain Chavanel, 
let alone Jeremy Roy or Sandy Casar, more real.

Especially interesting are schemes based on Chronopuncture, as they seem to be able to invoke the 
energy state one has had at very favorable time period when one had an energy peak, for a particular day (at least this proved working for stroke and diabetes sufferers).
Of course, an athlete will have to compensate this later in recovery period, which underlines the importance of constant energy uptake.

Cycling, Chi-Gong and Su-jok medicine

Chi-Gong has rather unique position among methods to balance and gain energy,
--- there's a variety of traditions and branches within each 
--- Chi-Gong having Tibetan/Chinese origin is very practically oriented, like most of Chinese approaches,
in contrast to, for example, Hindus healing traditions
--- generally one can expect faster progress with Chi-Gong in connection to energy gain and recovery 
after big energy spending like Grand Tours
--- Chi-Gong is essential part of every martial art tradition, which makes it much closer to
Western sports 

In connection to acupuncture and Su-jok medicine in particular, there's distinct similarity for methods
of energy accumulation.
The fundamental Chi-Gong practice of "Lesser and Grosser Heaven's Circle" to work on Du-Mai and Zheng-Mai meridians to raise body energy, has at least 3 basic schemes in Su-jok which also gives more
options, like extending the exercise to 24/7 by tools attached to points.

Regarding to cycling (and any other sport), Su-Jok and Chi-Gong can give:
--- faster recovery so far all energy paths to organs and systems are well described
(and used to treat very serious diseases)
--- one can focus on a particular systems like cardiovascular, muscular, even lymphatic for
faster removal of wastes and toxins from muscles and organs
--- by Su-jok one can focus even more, to do this for thighs muscles, or calf, or back, with similar schemes
which were described for a particular region like knee traumas
--- raising energy by working with basic energy points can give more power and quite effectively
support during "bad" days and periods
--- there's simple emotional correction by massage of an organ zone which corersponds to a particular
emotion : fear - kidneys/bladder; anxiety - spleen/pancreas/stomach etc (was described earlier), let alone
special emotions correction schemes.

Chi-Gong has proved itself as efficient tool to a wide range of conditions from posture correction to
recovery from serious traumas and even stroke (many sources available).