December 14, 2011

Triorigin schemes, gall bladder stones

No-Ho-Ne-Ho-No-He-Ne-No: Ho (stones formation) sedate, He (opposite energy) tone up,
Ne tone up, No control

the scheme is aimed at lysing stones and facilitating their way out:
--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction

In case of a violent condition regarding stones and gall bladder state, like slowing down their escape, one uses needles direction by blue lines: He sedate, Ho tone up.

Diabetes I type case, in details, update

During 17-day break from treatment the patient has been feeling generally good, sugar levels most time
6.5 - 9.5 however at times experiencing a serious fluctuations from 3.5 to 13
(3 times up to 17).
No complaints about physical and emotional state except these extreme periods, which however
never lasted longer than several hours.
Insulin doses: 12-14 of long-acting insulin depending on the situation, and 10-12 of short-acting. 

There's been 2 short sessions during the break, with Triorigin scheme for pancreas:
together with several other ones, the work now resumed.