August 16, 2011

Synovial sarcoma case, Time Energies

The case is supposed to get more detailed evaluation; now the scheme on Time Energies
for the moment sarcoma was first time spotted:

August 20, 2004.

Such schemes were used in this blog many times, summary:
--- there are 3 points on fingers joints, size 2-3 mm
--- point 1 is on the top of a knuckle
--- points 2 and 3 - on the joint line, right at median line

Simple self-treatment:
--- one marks the points by green pen

--- attaches ANY green natural crystals onto by medicine tape (not too thick)

--- heats the crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together in the sequence of numbers, holding the sticks perpendicular to points at a distance to have pleasant feeling of heat, for 30 sec to 1 min for each.

If combine this with the next scheme, the effect will be much stronger. This scheme is for a current day, has 2 points fixed and 3-rd point floating, numbers are days, starting by today, 16-th Aug, up to 23-th Aug.
Treatment is the same, so first one does the first scheme, then proceeds to this one treating points in the sequence 1--->2--->the current day, both schemes in one session.

One can do this on professional level:
--- pick up pine or spruce needles
--- wash them and let them dry
--- make 3 pieces of medicine tape
--- make small holes in each
--- insert a needle into a hole and tape this onto the point, so that the tip touches skin,
and the needle stays perpendicular to the surface, for all 3 points.
One does this IN THE SEQUENCE OF NUMBERS, and has needles for 20-30 min.
Similarly, one can combine both schemes the same way, first taping needles on points for first scheme,
then for the second.