January 24, 2013

Triorigin schemes, aplastic anemia

The scheme addresses the bone marrow as No in bones system:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-No-No: No harmonization

--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction 

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - all points
Also, may be simple heating of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.

This is universal scheme, as it has the treatment needle perpendicularly to Neito point which acts on all aspects of the problem. This also applies to it's roots in every case, as the disease may have different
origin besides autoimmune attack.

More detailed schemes to target structural and functional aspects separately:

Ho sedate; No, He, Ne tone up
physical destruction of bone marrow

No, Ho sedate; He, Ne tone up
restoration of bone marrow elements
Due to multiple meanings of Triorigin energies the above are just one of possible schemes version.

January 21, 2013

Aplastic anemia, advanced scheme

The scheme combines features of both Spiral schemes posted in:
and has additional sequences for autoimmune attack, spleen, and repeated sequence for bone marrow; 
it's composed similar to 2-path schemes proposed for cancer, this time:
--- Light meridian to terminate physical destruction of bone marrow
--- Darkness meridian to promote restoration of blood producing cells

left hand, acute case, so far severe aplastic anemia
can be life-claiming within 6 months.

The scheme can be simplified by splitting the content into 2 schemes with separate treatment of the above.

January 11, 2013

Dry eyes

This addresses dry eyes from wearing contact lenses:
Burn (nerv.system)--->Wind (organs of senses)--->Burn (vision)--->Dryness (cornea): Wind sedate, Dampness (moisturising) tone up:

Needles needed to be at angle, are shown by brown lines, for other points they go perpendicularly.
Angle for those is horizontal is 30-40*.

--- marking the points in corrsponding colours
--- taping natural crystals of the same colour onto by thin med. tape
--- heating of points by 3 incense sticks tied together, perpendicularly for all points, at a distance to have
constant pleasanr flow of warmth, each for 1 min. One may heat the attached crystals right through the tape
after having taped them.
Professional moxibustion differs only in moxa being at the same angles as for needles, for shown points.

The same scheme in Spiral system:

acute case, left palm.

January 10, 2013

Burns, pain management and local application of remedies

Adding to the Local systems mentioned earlier, any remedy can be applied onto a stricken zones in Correspondence systems:

allows to address the burnt areas without actual contact with them;

Lungs/large intestine are also controlled 
by Dryness energy, which may be used in treatment.

Insect Corrspondence system , all fingers except thumbs (where it is different):

easy mapping for kidneys and other organs 

Pain management on good level which may be done by non-specialist in Su-jok is work
on both Outer and Inner chakras of Dryness controlling skin, by applying for example, local anaesthetics
along the joints lines.
Good to mix the crystalline drug with viscous inert substance like vaseline or honey and make a strip of pulp
2-3 mm thick on a medicine tape to wrap the joints:

In serious cases this allows: 
--- to take burden from body systems which may be already overloaded by different nedicine applied through bloodstream 
--- to decrease the amount of opiate painkillers and have less problems from drugs interaction/accumulation/present allergies 
--- the same for general stress to liver/kidneys, implying the possibility 
of kidneys failure.

Local applications usually work for 2-3 hours.

Strong constant pain has energy of Cold behind, to be managed on both Outer and Inner Cold chakras.
Generally one can:
--- sedate Cold point as main point for Cold meridian
--- tone up Darkness or Neito energy as ultimate "calmness"
however Cold chakras also control kidneys making any sedation of energy risky for possible kidney complications.
The option for non-professionals is to have needle perpendicularly into Darkness/Neito point (brown points, also taping a portion of the anaestetics), to generally  harmonize situation.

January 9, 2013

Burns, general ideas III

Using Local schemes to manage badly damaged areas:
together with needles treatment, one can also apply any remedy/drug including anaestetics, into the circle to treat the damaged area without actual contact with it, which can be critical for bad cases. This can be valuable in case one can't tolerate any more of general anaestetics due to 
kidneys/liver/body systems already overloaded by drugs treatement.

Also, several posts on Chi-Gong strengthening methods for organs/systems in a blog for singers and musicians:

Treatment of severe burns is demanding and challenging task.

Burns, general ideas II

Mapping for body regions was given several times, for example:

For massive burns one may combine the energies corresponding to stricken zones in a single
recipe in a chain following general rules, or as main energies with transition point to Dryness
meridian controlling skin.

Direct charging of immune system with energy:
General infections treatment through immune system:
One may use a scheme for CKD if there's danger of kidneys failure:
the scheme may to be modified if this developes very quickly, i.e. possible toning up Neito energy.

January 8, 2013

Cancer/sarcoma, chakras to apply remedies, Physical chakras

One may still have significant physical energy at advanced stage of cancer/sarcoma, to be used by the following scheme:

Chakras mapping:
--- Darkness- anus
--- Cold - orifice of ureter
--- Dryness - navel
--- Dampness - nipples
--- Wind - mouth
--- Heat - nostrills
--- Burn -ears
--- Light - eyes


The choice for Physical chakras is exactly the same as described in previous posts, so everything about fingers choice, remedies/methods:
and related posts, stays the same, allowing to add this to previous treatments on Outer and Inner chakras.

This scheme has chakras of Light and Darkness, so the schemes where these energies were attributed to Burn and Cold energies respectively, get full-scope, for example:
Leukemia, megakaryocytes/erythrocytes:
--- chakras of Cold 2 and Burn 7 as main cancer's energies
--- Heat chakra 6, cardiovascular system
--- Darkness chakra 1, energy controlling megakaryocytes, or Light 8, for erythrocytes.
Prostate/cervical cancer:
--- chakras of Cold 2 and Burn 7 as main cancer's energies
--- Darkness chakra 1, reproductive system
--- Wind 5, prostate/cervix within it.

January 7, 2013

Burns and cancer, 100% coincidence in energies

Being totally different by manifestation, burns and cancer amazingly have exactly the same set of energies behind.
For cancer:
--- energy of Cold for roots/structures, main
--- Burn for spreading
--- Dampness as lymphatic system to spread
--- Dryness - epithelium to grow from
--- Burn as direct damaging energy
--- Dryness - energy controlling skin
--- Dampness - blisters, fluids balance, lymphatic system
--- Cold - strong constant pain, infection, energy controlling kidneys 

The above may reflect in certain effects both may have on immune and other systems.
On the other hand, metastatic cancer having grabbed 75% of body energy, and burns of 75% of skin
are similarly dreadful in terms of survival.

January 6, 2013

Burns, general ideas

Burns are difficult task, so far this includes a lot of pathogenic energies of both Yin and Yang type,
Su-jok classification:
--- Burn as direct damaging energy
--- Dryness - energy controlling skin
--- Dampness - blisters, lymphatic system, fluids balance
--- Cold - strong constant pain, infection, energy controlling kidneys
For deep burns, the barrier/defense function of skin is seriously impaired, so one is to manage:
--- lungs energy closely related to certain immune functions; besides, lungs are controlled by the same Dryness energy as skin 

--- immune system itself by general path Heat-Darkness
--- thymus in particular

Hugo Chavez, possible cancer schemes

Possible scheme for Hugo Chavez case to demonstrate several ideas for cancer treatment, based on available info:
---"pelvic cancer"
--- for worst-case scenario, recent respiratory problems caused by metastatic process 
into lungs.

For "pelvic cancer" one may have:
--- cancer of reproductive system
--- bone cancer with primary location in pelvic region
--- sarcoma of any tissue located in pelvic region
and some other.

It's important that:
--- pelvic region is regionally controlled by Dryness/Cold energy
--- bones are also controlled by Cold
--- reproductive system generally controlled by energy of Darkness, can be attributed to Cold energy.
Sarcoma can originate in any type of tissue like muscle, having energy of Wind behind, however energy for it's location stays Dryness/Cold.  

Considering the worst-case scenario, for metastatic cancer/sarcoma:
--- original location controlled by Dryness/Cold energy
--- metastatic process through lymphatic system, Dampness energy
--- liver as common location for metastases, Wind energy
--- metastasing has got to lungs, Dryness energy

The 2-path approach:
 gives a scheme:
[Cold/Dryness(pelvis)--->Dampness (lymph.system)--->Wind (liver)--->Dryness (lungs)]--->[2-path scheme]:

 right hand, men

For any milder case like pelvis cancer hasn't spread
the scheme is "overkill", guarding the metastasing by having both responsible energies:
---  Dampness (lymph. system)
--- Wind (the initial impulse to metastasise, liver) 

January 5, 2013

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, Inner chakras II

Related to the previous post.
Generally, it's reasonable to apply remedies on all 4 corresponding chakral windows, which will
help block cancer's spreading from it's original location for 1-3 stages of cancer.

For metastatic cancer, Inner chakras allow interception of cancer's spreading to any side, which may be based on MRI data for cancer's metastases grow; one uses the corresponding window for a chakra controlling the region attacked by metastasising.

January 4, 2013

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, Inner chakras

Inner chakras are responsible for energy distribution within certain body level/organs and systems:

At left:
--- 6 - chakra of Cold
--- 5 - Dryness
--- 4 - Dampness
--- 1 - Wind
--- 2 - Heat
--- 3 - Burn
Two more ones:
--- chakra of Light - nail 
--- S - Solar chakra

 --- 3, Burn:  at 2/3 distance from the joint line to the top of finger
--- 1, Wind: halfway between joints lines
--- 4, Dampness: 3/4 of a distance between Cold chakra 6 and Solar chakra S.
--- 6, Cold: just above the anatomical end of a metacapral bone for each finger from every side:
Side windows for this chakra are open only for index and little fingers, so are used there regardless of
what finger is used.

Other chakras centres are on corresponding joints lines.
Each chakra has 4 windows towards each side of a finger with anatomical anchor points
for mapping exactly the same, i.e. Burn chakra centre on fingers sides is 2/3 distance between
joint line and top of finger.

Everything described earlier about use of Outer boyl-chakras, links between chakras and organs, fingers choice and remedies/tools:
and subsequent posts, stays the same for treatment by Inner boyl-chakras, allowing to combine schemes on both for deeper action.

Outer and Inner chakras have somewhat different functions, which however is not important for this 
type of treatment.

Inner boyl-chakras have 2 more ones i.e. Light and Solar
chakras with controlling function.
Thus Light chakra may be added to all described schemes, i.e. applying remedies on nail surface of chosen fingers.

Windows for Solar chakra S actually match 4 of Outer chakras (left), so already get used in this method. 


Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, tools

One may use all basic Su-jok medicine tools to have additional effect on remedies taped onto chakras/zones, like colour light, laser treatment, electronic devices etc.
Moxibustion of applied remedies seems the most efficient way along with laser treatment, to raise the schemes power, one however is to closely monitor cancer's behaviour as both these methods
have significant stimulating effect.

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, types of remedies II

Another 2 type of remedies may be used along with already described:

5.  Urea peroxide. The popular ozone treatment is based on the same principles to generate
active oxygen; peroxide applied on chakras/other zones doesn't show negative side effects of ozone
though works not that fast.
It's clear it should be isolated from direct contact with skin by paper.

6. The Bolotov's remedies described earlier.
In the same list go other known remedies like iodine, selenium, coensyme Q10 etc.

January 3, 2013

Acid reflux

Direct cause of this is improper work of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter valve (LES).
A good overview in:
Mapping of esophagus and it's muscles in a stomach system:
Heat--->Dampness (stomach)--->Heat (esophagus)--->Wind (muscles): No harmonization

to address all possible problems altogether through No point, or more generally:
Heat--->Dampness --->Wind (muscles in stomach system): No harmonization 

right hand, chronic case.


Another approach aims at energy ban on the abnormal path for acid upward, where chain of energies  describe this:
Heat-Dampness (stomach)--->Burn (stomach cardia)--->Heat (esophagus)--->Wind (throat): No (termination) tone up

January 2, 2013

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies, reproductive system

General info on the method:
Reproductive system is cotrolled by energy of Darkness, which is attributed to energy of Cold
in this classification, so general chakras chioce for reproductive system is just two, 
Cold VI and Burn III. 

Componenets of reproductive system have energy classification, so one may add a 3-rd chakra according to
the energy of an organ:
--- penis; labia majora and labia minora - Burn
--- penis root; vagina - Heat
--- ejaculatory duct and prostate gland; cervix - Wind
--- seminal vesicle; womb - Dampness
--- vas deferens; fallopian tubes - Dryness
--- epididimis; fimbriae - Cold
Two special components:
--- glans penis; clitoris - Light - are attribured to Burn
--- testicles, ovaries - Darkness - attributed to Cold

Thus for cervical/prostate cancer the chakras choice is:
--- Cold VI and Burn III as chakras related to cancer's main energies
--- Wind I as energy of crevix/prostate 


For the organs controlled by energies of Burn and Cold, these match one of main cancer's energies, so for:
--- penis; labia majora and labia minora - Burn
--- epididimis; fimbriae - Cold
--- glans penis; clitoris - Light - attribured to Burn
--- testicles, ovaries - Darkness - attributed to Cold 
the scheme again reduces to just 2 chakras of Cold and Burn.