August 26, 2011

Organs and cancer behavour II

For some organs energies in 8 Qi and energies reflecting organ's location do not match, and these are among the most complex cases for treatment:

1. pancreas
--- energy of Heat/Burn = Yang in 8 Qi classification, but Dampness = Yin by location.
--- This may explain the silent start of cancerous process Dampness = Yin, and indeed pancreas cancer is quite often discovered already having metastasised, then it may develop very aggressively, reflecting energy of Burn=Yang.

2. liver
--- controlled by energy of Wind=Yang
---  Wind is the energy behind the start of metastasising (generally controlled by energy of Burn). This means, liver's energy naturally supports metastasising start, making liver a  common location for metastases from other organs.
---  the energy for liver location is Dampness=Yin (abdomen), which may give a more silent start
for cancerous process.

Another problem arises from Wind and Dampness energies being in axis relation (pic).
Cancer already has both main energies: Cold for rooting and structures and Burn for spreading, in axis relation.
As both energies are in excess, schemes aimed on
Cold energy to fight cancer's roots can support spreading, and
those to control spreading aimed on Burn can strengthen cancer's roots.
There comes similar problem of energies locking each other:
Wind <-> Dampness, helping the main pair of Cold<->Burn.

This may explain difficulties in liver cancer treatment.

3. lungs
--- controlled by energy of Dryness=Yin, but energy for their location is Wind = Yang (thoracic region)
  --- the same for silent development (Dryness=Yin), and possible aggressive spreading after - 

4. Breasts:
--- may be regarded as part of reproductive system (approach used in most advanced Triorigin healing) - ultimate Yin
--- however energy for breasts location is Wind=Yang (thoracic region)
--- breasts are especially rich in lymphatic nodes, and lymph. system, Dampness=Yin, is used by cancer 
to spread.

Organs and cancer behavour

Cancer has two main energies behind, which are polar:

--- main energy of Cold for roots and structures
--- energy of Burn within main energy of Cold for spreading


In 8 Qi classification each organ and body region is controlled by a specific energy.

Yang energies group: Wind--->Heat--->Burn, in order of growing Yang
--- Burn : nerv. system, brain and spinal cord/ head, face, eyes
--- Heat: cardiovascular system/neck, thyroid, vocal cords.
subsystems of interest are:
pancreas and duodenum - Burn in Heat 
immune system - Darkness in Heat 
--- Wind: liver+gall bladder/thoracic region/muscles
Yin energies group: Dampness--->Dryness--->Cold--->Darkness, in order of growing Yin
--- Dampness: spleen+stomach, lymphatic system,endocrine system/ upper part of abdomen
--- Dryness: lungs+colon, skin, hair/lower part of abdomen
--- Cold: kidneys+bladder, bones/lowest part of abdomen and perineum
--- Darkness: reproductive system.

Yang energy features: functional aspects of cancer, spreading, developing fast, aggressiveness, expanding etc.
Yin energy features: structural aspects, hidden behavour, latent development, rooting, being slow and steady etc.

This may shed light on cancer's behavour depending on the organ or system it develops in:
--- brain, face, eye cancers are usually aggressive, fast-developing - reflecting Yang nature of these organs,
which resonates with Yang side of cancer - spreading.
--- cervical cancer is well-known for it's masked development- which reflects ultimate Yin energy behind reproductive system, Darkness.
Colon and lungs cancer, skin cancer are also known to initially grow without much manifestation and quite often are discovered because of complaints not linked to cancer.

Regarding structural/functional aspects:
--- brain (Yang organ) cancer usually develops very aggressively (Yang) but forms less dense network, 
quite often just 2-3 tiny tumours (Yin)
--- while colon (Yin organ) cancer is known to develop for years and form metastases over a large area (including liver, lungs, pelvis bones etc).

August 25, 2011

Sean Connery II

Schemes in Triorigin combine fundamental action and simplicity, at least the way they look.
This doesn't mean schemes in 8 Qi used in previous post and in this blog, are less effective.
When dealing with deep-rooting chronic conditions or those even having heritage history, the Triorigin schemes may work smoother:

1.He--->Ho: collecting energies of all affected Yang organs and directing them to Homo meridian

2. Ho--->Ho: the same for all Yin organs
3. Ho: Ho sedate, Ne control: sedation of Ho energy which comprises all harmful energies listed
in previous post, on Ho meridian.

Red point inside green means, there are 2 needles
to be inserted or 2 crystals taped onto this point.

Left spin for the Spiral matrix is for right palm, choice for men.

August 24, 2011

Sean Connery

An entry about one of best actors ever, whose talent and actors career doesn't need to be additionally described here.
The info on his health was taken from Wikipedia and other sources:

1. During his service in Navy he experienced duodenum (or stomach - different sources) ulcer, which forced him to quit; duodenum ulcer is reported as a condition which was hereditary to have affected most of the males in the family in generations before him.

2. In 1993 he was reported to undergo a radiation treatment for a throat condition; he himself told this was treatment for vocal cords nodules. There's been concerns about throat cancer in public so far his father
has had this condition.

3. He had surgery to remove cataracts from both eyes in 2003.

4. He has had a surgery for kidney tumour in 2006 January.

5. In 2008 he chipped a bone in his shoulder in an accident while playing golf.

6. In 2009 he was diagnosed with heart condition (no additional info).

The Su-jok medicine evaluation of these conditions and schemes:

1. Duodenal ulcer: Heat--->Burn: Dryness excess
Stomach ulcer: Heat--->Dampness: Dryness excess, 
the energy of Dryness generally responsible for ulcerization.

2. Throat is generally controlled by energy of Heat:

Any throat condition can be treated on Heat meridian or 

Vocal nodules as soft tumours are controled by energy of Dampness, so the scheme:

Heat: Dampness excess
(the same energies involved as in N1)

Vocal cords can have their own energy sequence:
Dryness (respiratory system)--->Cold (mouth and throat)--->Dryness (position of vocal cords): Dampness excess
(energies of Dryness and Dampness, N1)

3. Eyes are generally controlled by energy of Burn.
The full sequence:
Burn (nerv. system)--->Wind (senses)--->Burn (vision)---> Cold (lenses): Cold excess 
cataract is excess of energy of Cold. 
This also gives a set of specific energies. 

4. Kidneys are controlled by energy of Cold, the scheme for tumour
Cold (kidneys): Dampness excess (soft tumours) or Cold excess (malignant tumours)
(again energy of Cold and Dampness, see N2)

5. Shoulder fracture: shoulders are controlled by energy of either Burn (left shoulder, men)
or Dampness (right shoulder). Taken together, they both are controlled by energy of Burn.
Sequence for shoulder trauma in general:
Burn: Cold excess
(again energies of Burn and Cold)

6. Heart condition: cardiovascular system is controlled by energy of Heat, the sequence
Heat (circulatory system)--->Heat (cardiovascular system): harmful energy of a disease
(again energy of Heat, N2)
From the previous one can suppose this may be one of Yin conditions, like Dryness energy as:
ischemia, insufficiency of any sort, also irregular heart beating.
Energy of Cold causes heart attack so this is less likely as such case would have had wide resonance 

It's seen without deep analysis, - just by colour of energies -  that the same energies are repeating in different combinations giving different conditions which makes them all interconnected, for example:
---  the scheme for stomach ulcer is close to scheme for vocal nodules:
Heat--->Dampness: Dryness excess
Heat: Dampness excess
---  the energy sequence for vocal cords:
Dryness (respiratory system)--->Cold (mouth and throat)--->Dryness (position of vocal cords): Dampness excess
 has all main harmful energies which cause conditions listed above: Dampness (soft tumours), Dryness (ulcerization), Cold (cataract, traumas)

--- energy of Burn reveals in a sequence for eyes and duodenum, and it is also energy controlling shoulders region in general = Burn 

--- energy of Cold reveals itself as energy of disease: cataract, trauma, also as energy of affected
organ: kidneys.

The general acu recipe can combine most of the above in one scheme:

 The scheme combines treatment for:
--- vocal nodules, general approach
via Heat meridian
--- detailed sequence for cataract
--- added to the previous scheme is treatment for soft tumour for kidneys on Cold meridian
--- general treatment for shoulders trauma on Burn meridian.

More general scheme to sedate the whole family of pathogenic Homo energies: Dampness, Dryness and Cold which are behind all conditions, on Burn, Heat, Dryness and Cold meridians:

both schemes to be alternated for best effect.

The same can be done on boyl-chakras, which is preferable, so far meridians schemes represent
"Hetero" = Yang approach, and boyl-chakras are
"Homo" = Yin approach.

Colour of points is as usual the colour of natural crystals to tape onto points for self-treatment.
One can combine this with easy moxibustion - heating the crystals by several incense sticks tied together perpendicular to all points.

August 22, 2011

Katrin Zeta Jones, bipolar disorder

The post with general info on on bipolar disorder:

Considering the hidden third energy in case of Katrin Zeta-Jones, from her appearance this
is Dampness energy: relatively powerful shape, balanced insightful character, there's impression she may be  prone to anxiety.

the energy picture
is lower left,
Heat, Dampness, Dryness

The treatment:
Heat, Dampness, Dryness sedate, Wind, Burn, Cold tone up
Recipe in points:

colour of points is colour of natural crystals
to tape on.
This may be combined with easy moxibustion:
heating points by several incense sticks tied together, perpendicular to all points to have a constant pleasant flow of heat,
in a sequence:
orange--->yellow---> light blue --->
green at right--->blue---> red---> green point on the top of finger.
each point for 30sec to 1 min

For her finger of choice may be little finger right hand, or ring finger right hand. 

August 16, 2011

Synovial sarcoma case, Time Energies

The case is supposed to get more detailed evaluation; now the scheme on Time Energies
for the moment sarcoma was first time spotted:

August 20, 2004.

Such schemes were used in this blog many times, summary:
--- there are 3 points on fingers joints, size 2-3 mm
--- point 1 is on the top of a knuckle
--- points 2 and 3 - on the joint line, right at median line

Simple self-treatment:
--- one marks the points by green pen

--- attaches ANY green natural crystals onto by medicine tape (not too thick)

--- heats the crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together in the sequence of numbers, holding the sticks perpendicular to points at a distance to have pleasant feeling of heat, for 30 sec to 1 min for each.

If combine this with the next scheme, the effect will be much stronger. This scheme is for a current day, has 2 points fixed and 3-rd point floating, numbers are days, starting by today, 16-th Aug, up to 23-th Aug.
Treatment is the same, so first one does the first scheme, then proceeds to this one treating points in the sequence 1--->2--->the current day, both schemes in one session.

One can do this on professional level:
--- pick up pine or spruce needles
--- wash them and let them dry
--- make 3 pieces of medicine tape
--- make small holes in each
--- insert a needle into a hole and tape this onto the point, so that the tip touches skin,
and the needle stays perpendicular to the surface, for all 3 points.
One does this IN THE SEQUENCE OF NUMBERS, and has needles for 20-30 min.
Similarly, one can combine both schemes the same way, first taping needles on points for first scheme,
then for the second.

August 12, 2011

August 11, 2011

Cyclists: hips and shoulders traumas

The scheme actually is aimed on structures controlled by energy of Wind, i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments; to treat traumas in general one can omit the first green point.

First scheme:
--- men left hip and shoulder
--- women right hip and shoulder

The same for:
--- men right hip and shoulder
--- women left hip and shoulder

Explanations for schemes and position of points, tools and methods for self-treatment have been given

August 7, 2011

Cyclists: forerams/elbows and shin/knees traumas

Schemes in acu points for forerams/elbows and shin/knees. 
Strictly speaking, this is for rather deep traumas at the layer of muscles, to treat
any type of trauma, one can omit the first green point.

First scheme: 
--- men left forearm/elbow and shin/knee
--- women right forearm/elbow and shin/knee


The same for:
--- men right forearm/elbow and shin/knee
--- women left forearm/elbow and shin/knee

Explanations for schemes and position of points, tools and methods for self-treatment have been given

August 6, 2011

Cycling: wrists/hands (and ankles/feet) traumas

This is treatment for individual arms and legs so far cyclist usually gets one of both injured after a crash.
Wrists and hands traumas are not uncommon for cyclists and bring a lot of inconvenience because
of the whole weight of upper part of body and constant action (brakes etc); ankles and feet are well-protected by shoes so this is less topical.

Wrists and hands, the scheme for: 
--- left wrist and left ankle for men
--- right wrist and ankle for women
Wind (ligaments)--->Wind (left wrist and left ankle for men): Gomo (energy of trauma) sedate, Hetero (opposite energy) tone up , Neitro, Neito (controlling energies) control

 treatment was described earlier.

The same for:
---right wrist and ankle for men
--- left wrist and ankle for women

If a crash involves both wrists/hands:
--- both wrists are treated by first scheme because if taken both they belong to energy of Wind
--- similarly, trauma of both ankles is treated by the second scheme, belonging to energy of Cold.