October 10, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, sugar levels

Oct 7 - 13.2 (after some sweets for hypoglycemia) 
Oct 8 - 14.9, later in the evening it was very low (no figure)
Oct 10 - 7.5 in the morning.

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 6

Sugar levels will be posted later; of general symptomes skin rush goes on disappearing
on trunk; not much difference for the arms since last session.

The schemes were essentially the same as in session 5:
1. Triorigin scheme: the same as before:
with 1 additional point to focus action on beta-cells of pancreas
2 Time energies - as before.

3. Scheme on ear on Border Cold meridian, needles and moxa treatment, the scheme described in:
Patient was very sensitive to this and really enjoyed ear acupuncture; scheme on ear also made schemes 
on fingers work faster.

4. Chakral treatment - the same. It was necessary to additionally address Neito points on chakral
joint meridians (needle perpendicular).

5. Correspondence and Local system:  
--- anticancer remedy (described earlier) was applied on pancreas zone,
--- then needles into zone, 
--- then scheme in Local system:

zone of pancreas.

Anticancer remedy was applied on the whole green area;
3 needles perpendicular into the zone then Triorigin treatment:
--- Neito, Gomo sedate
--- Hetero, Neitro tone up
shown on the pic.

Patient was feeling tingling in pancreas area.

6. Treatment on Core meridians: the same; the meridian was chosen mirror-like to one
used last time according to general principles, Upper Right Core meridian.
This allowed unrestrained flow of energy which was felt by patient like last time, energy and 
emotional uplift.
Another type of anticancer remedy was applied onto on a zone of stagnant energy on
this meridian which caused quick destruction of pathogenic energy in whole upper part of

This scheme along with fundamental Triorigin scheme (also ear acupuncture) has the most prominent 
effect for this case.

Self-treatment: additionally recommended to tape crystals onto points for External chakra of Cold
which has critical damage generally responsible for his case. 

In general, the patient by this time is noticeably more active physically and emotionally, eagerly participating 
in treatment process telling about his feelings and pointing to zones where anything happens, 
in contrast to first 2 sessions.