July 2, 2013

Mesothelioma case, in details 1

The schemes described in previous post, and those which will be desribed, were sent to her as self-treatment by Internet, with all necessary explanations on use, June 2-3.
So the outcome depends mostly on her willing to do them, together with recommendations on Yang-prevailing diet and use of cancer fighting remedies, which is crucial in cancer treatment.

Mesothelioma case, in details

A coverage of mesothelioma case is planned to be posted.

The patient: female born 1973, cancer location - abdominal, liver.
Was spotted first time on February 22 this year; first visit to doctor: 28 February.
She got a disappointing prognosis to be given just 1.5-2 monthes; she was offered an operation which took place June 4.

Unfortunately, the Su-jok medicine analysis confirms the above.

The treatment schemes:

1. 2-path schemes described in this blog:

targeting organs lining throuhgout the trunk, so far there's strong evidence the metastasising has already taken place.

 primary location of a tumor

2. Schemes byTime Energies based on the dates above:

 Febr 22, first time cancer was spotted.

Febr 28, first visit to doctor.

The moment operation started: 8AM, June 2013.
All schemes give quick and strong response.


3. Restoring and harmonization of energy: the most essential for near-terminal cancer cases:

any healing technique interacts with or converts the existing patient's energy into healing energy, so the crucial point is, if one has enough for the schemes to work on the level to at least freeze the cancer's development.
There is strong evidence cancer has already spread over the chest, at least on energy level, which
in absense of proper treatment will soon appear on physical level.

Mesothelioma together with multiple myeloma (and few other depending on the source, like glioblastoma/other chonic leukemia ) have zero statistics on survival.

This case is complicated additionally by the fact, that the patient seems to have critical energy deficit on deep levels from the moment of birth to make cancer incurable from the very beginning, if it strikes.
So the critical thing in such cases is collecting energy by all means, to compensate that energy deficit besides having enough of it to for treatment.

Standard Su-jok tools may prove not enough for the above, so the additional help may come from Chi-Gong techniques of transmutation of prenatal energy to vital.