May 24, 2017

Neuroblastoma 4 th stage, update

An update for the girl::
"...Isabelle is almost finished her stem cell treatment and it took a lot out of her but according to the doctors, they never saw it work as well as it did."
With cancer being erased on karmic = fundamental level by distant healing, everything will work that better on physical level, as standard med. cancer treatment. She has 100% prospects to soon get rid of cancer.

May 12, 2017

DIPG case, distant healing, update

"Happy Friday from someone in a AWESOME mood!!!"

Everything seems good and there's no reason, why this case can't be brought to complete healing - which may take more than a year though.
Advantage of relatively early cancer stage, the rest is solvable.

May 4, 2017

DIPG case, distant healing, update

Yesterday's photo:

Face assymmetry disappeared - meaning, the tumor is not pressing on the  corresponding brain zones as before - meaning, tumor lost it's power to that extent and maybe shrunk physically. 

Her mother wrote, she,s experiencing certain stiffness in left hand, and left side of body is "getting weaker" - which is quite obvious, as the damages cancer already created, are coming to surface and revealed, with action on fundamental level. 
This is just fraction of what can appear during such, as i expected quite substantial loss of her activity, and maybe a half-sleepy state at times, 
so far A LOT OF her energy goes now into cutting cancer's roots, and there is HUGE AMOUNT of it needed for this.

She continues to attend school though, which again shows, she has plenty of energy in stock, and I can't see the reason complete healing can't be done.

 She just before distant healing started:

They started new chemo - or hasn't yet, unclear - 4 days ago, and not doing any other treatment, so this couldn't bring these changes of course.

May 2, 2017

DIPG cases, update

Positive shifts:
"...What a nice way to start the day. Zamora is happy and laughing a lot today. Positive results from the hyperbaric treatment. She is moving her right arm and her legs some as well. Please keep sending love and good thoughts! It's going to be a good day! Off to see a movie!"

Video of her in the post.

Situation with cancer remains questionable about prospects, however at this point there seem more chances for survival.

The progress is clear:

She seems to be looking as if caught on smth inappropriate...though this is just a photo before "off to school". 
Cancer's core components forming a negative emo-mental cluster, are getting released, so at times these are colouring one's mood and appearance, though she obviously hasn't gone anything even nearly bad now, which comprises cancer cluster, having been collected in the past - or in case of children - collected as family negative karma.

No doubts of positive outcome for tis case. She's too strong and for  distant energy healing there's no type of cancer resistent to. 

The only moment is, if one has enough energy to be blended with coming healing energy, because healing can only progress to the extent  of how much of one's energy interacts with healing energy.


Brain stem glioma, exophytic growth

Girl 4 years old, diagnosed Jan 11 2017, operation took place Jan 18 2017, reported as major part of a tumor has been removed. After that, radiation treatment.
She's having distant healing for about 1.5 months. 

The latest update 04.04.2017 is of joy and happiness, which seemingly indicate situation has seriously improved. Exophytic brainstem gliomas are of more benign nature, than DIPG, so chances for longer survival are bigger.
Additionally, she has quite strong energy on fundamental level, where cancer takes roots, and tumor seemingly has been detected at early stage.

Time Energies scheme by the date of operation:


April 29, 2017

Neuroblastoma and DIPG

Neuroblastoma is probably most laborous cancer of pediatric cancers, for distant treatment personally, as it seems to combine:
--- creating vast tumor network resembling breast or colon cancer, unlike most of brain cancers, for example
--- and having aggressiveness of cancers in central nerv. system, resembling PNET
A girl 5 years old case, demonstrates surprising depth of cancer's already having developed;
with distant treatment and negative emo/mental garbage released, there's feeling, this is finally the deepest level yet it later appears there's more cancer energy deeper, compared to, say, medulloblastoma, keeping
one alert all the time.

Together with cancer starting to hit back, if distant treatment skipped for just a week, this makes it very demanding task, though girl herself has all chances to defeat it forever, due to sufficient energy on fundamental level, where cancer takes roots - thus making it potentially curable - and a good deal of energy got during distant treatment by now. 

The case: neuroblastoma abdominal location, 4-th stage. 

In contrast, DIPG is felt quite more easy to crack, though also, revealed as stacked up layeres of energy - neuroblastoma is more like a labyrinth. DIPG is also felt significantly faster for it's development, however this is not "crypted" like for neuroblastoma.

April 28, 2017

Neuroblastoma 4-th stage, update, big success

Remarkable success so far, for outstandingly grave case of newborn with neuroblastoma:
--- girl weighting 3 kg
--- huge tumor weighting about 500g!

She has been receiving distant help since her story appeared on one charity site about 7 months ago.
There were no much expectations, nevertheless distant healing was performed almost everyday. She of course has been having intense standard treatments: operation and multiple chemotherapies.

Update today: everything ok, SHE IS HEALTHY! - no pathology found.

She had and has amazingly strong fundamental energy, where cancer operates, which was the reason to expect at least slowing down or stopping tumor progression - however she managed to bring it to the point of, above.

Today's photo:

Optical nerve glioma case, update

Latest scan: tumor stable.
"... Kaitlens MRI results her tumors are still stable. No growth."

This case is quite special: despite optical path gliomas are more benign, than malignant, this doesn't make progress faster, maybe instead, this case demonstrates amazing resistance. Much more malignant tumors react on distant healing much faster, showing regression at least for less significant parts.

Tumor is stable already for more than a year though.

April 26, 2017

DIPG histopathology and more about

Recent studies...have provided a breadth of evidence highlighting the unique molecular genetics and epigenetics of this cancer, distinguishing it from both adult and pediatric cerebral high-grade astrocytomas. 

DIPG Histopathology

Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma is a heterogeneous disease, and represents a varied histological spectrum. These tumors are very diffuse and often involve adjacent brain structures beyond the pons.

Several studies report it spreading beyond as many as one-third of DIPG, tumor cells found as far rostrally as the FRONTAL LOBE (!)

A review...on 108 biopsies from 13 studies, including 37 AA (WHO grade III), 27 GBM(WHO grade IV), 22 LGA (WHO grade II), 3 anaplastic oligoastrocytomas (WHO grade III), and 19 tumors with “not further specified” or undefined characterization.

Data suggest that WHO grade III AA- anaplastic astrocytoma - are the most common histological entity in brainstem glioma; however, autopsy based histopathological studies report WHO grade IV GBM to be the most common histology.

Of the 33 pediatric patients, 29 were reported to be GBM and 4 with anaplastic astrocytoma histology.

Abother source reported 42 GBM, 18 anaplastic astrocytoma, 8 low-grade astrocytoma, and 2 with features of primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET, WHO grade IV).

Importantly, reginal differencies WITHIN ONE DIPG specimen, can bias biopsy based diagnoses. Autopsy studies allow extensive tissue sampling and have highlighted intratumoral histopathologic heterogeneity. Areas within or around a grade IV astrocytoma may present with features of grade II or grade III histology that could be inadvertently targeted at biopsy.

Perhaps most importantly, DIPG histology is not a predictor of survival. Patients with low-grade histology do just as poorly as patients with high-grade histology (which is in striking contrast to the family of gliomas, where it's grade determines survival:
--- grade II - 5-7 years median survival
--- grade III - 3-4 years
--- grade IV - 15 months for glioblastomas)

Advanced neuroblastoma case, distant healing


Very tough and, don't want to say that, near hopeless case of neuroblastoma, where a boy was given just 2 months, "if treatment fails" and it failed. Also failed the immunotherapy, which was the ultimate hope.

Yet he's living beyond this mark, for more than 1.5 months, which still doesn't guarantee anything, so far this case is a collection of all unfavourable factors regarding cancer, first of all, what makes cancer nearly incurable from the very beginning = critical energy deficit of fundamental level, where cancer takes roots.

DIPG case, distant healing, update

Positive shifts:
"...Zamora has begun her hyperbaric treatment! She has had two sessions ( ok she is not looking so happy in this photo, but I guarantee she's a rockstar) and she is already sticking her tongue out further and raising her right arm which she cannot really move"
" Check out this amazing video we just took of Zamora! She is moving her right arm so much today!"

The necrotic tissue removal by this, surely is makingn her better for impaired brain functions.

However, this is overall very tough case and I'm still not sure it can be healed,
--- it's very advanced stage - 22 months of survival
--- her energy is seriously depleted by intense previous treatments
--- she has less favourable situation for energy available on fundamental levels, than a girl reported in previous entry.

Time Energies scheme for her case, cancer start:




DIPG case, distant healing, update

Time Energies scheme for her case, date of cancer start:


Her face definitely getting more smooth and relaxed, and more symmetrical, which indicates how strong tumor is pressing the brain stem


Assymmetry and tension less, strabismus for eyes visible

24 April:

Face getting less tension on

25 April:

It's almost "normal smile" though of course its' still a long road to become normal.

The case looks solvable for complete healing, because DIPG is no different or special for energy medicine, and has the same fundamental features, as ANY OTHER CANCER ON ENERGY LEVEL. 

It's of course mainly glioblastoma histologically = glioma grade 4 = most aggressive and resistant to treatment - if there was anything except radiation, which gives only temporary relief. On the other hand, surgery and chemo possible in case of glioblastoma multiforme, also doesn't make the positive outcome:
--- DIPG median survival - 9 to 11 months (different sources)
--- glioblastoma multiforme - 15 months

She has all chances to beat it, because:
--- DIPG is on relatively EARLY stage
--- she is strong and her immune system/energy still not destroyed by treatments
--- she seems to not have a critical energy deficit on fundamental level, which makes cancer difficult or incurable by standard treatments

Which is different for another DIPG case, next post.

April 19, 2017

Third DIPG case, distant treatment

Treatment in progress, for about a week. No special updates on her state by now; news will be published in this blog along with 2 other DIPG cases, described in previous post, where positive shifts were reported, or are visible from photos.

Time Energies scheme for her case, cancer start:



DIPG treatment, 2 cases, in progress

4 years old girl:

Distant treatment started 4 or 5 days ago, cancer already started progressing earlier, according to the update.
18-th April showed stunning changes:

first is first image for this day, her usual face distortion due to tumor.
She has had it the same for a long time

 Second and third taken about 6 hours later probably:


looke like face assymmetry is visibly less, which means tumor pressure was being released and incremental changes accumulated to result in this.

This is inspiring changes, showing DIPG is not that unbeatable monster, and by feelings during distant treatment, it resembles medulloblastoma, quite diffuse - confirming it's name! - and growing the same fast, but also responding the same fast.

Treatment will continue and updates also.

Another girl receiving the same:

Todays update starts with:
" Zamora is better than ok"

But here the situation is much more complex, as intense radiation treatment caused serious energy debts and holes, so it's clearly more advanced cancer stage and higher treatment challenges, though she's still classified NED. 

April 11, 2017

T-lymphoblastic lymphoma with vertebra localization

A boy 9 years old, cancer discovered in Aug 2015 from a check-up due to pains in legs and spine. It showed large tumor with vertebral localization. Surgery was temporarily effective, as tumor later began growing in the same spot.

Reiki and other forms of energy healing have been and currently being done to him, and along with standard Western treatment like chemo/radiation, he's having stable progress.

In Febr this year he first time could visit a hairdresser


And later to participate in a pirate show as Jack The Sparrow


This is bad case of advanced cancer, which I first thought would be hardly curable, though lymphomas are not considered as fatal as brain tumors by survival statistics. Each cancer case is unique though.

February 28, 2017

Neuroblastoma 4-th stage

It was possible to help a girl with neuroblastoma 4-th stage by Reiki type treatment.
Another story of misdiagnosed patient, when cancer was stated only, when it devel;oped a bulk mass 
having grown into pelvic bones and vertebra channel. The case was really bad, but the girl herself is strong, despite numerous chemo treatments, and willing to fight for life with all power.

The latest update on health states were aslo progressing to better, citing the webpage: "blood counts within normal", then "the results are just excellent" from 21.08.2015. There's feeling she has all chances to beat the disease eventually.

Photos in chronological order.

B-cell lymphoma, metastatic

A girl of 2 years by the moment she started getting Reiki type energy treatment for this. A story of multiple medical errors and delays, which resulted in 4-th stage with terrible pains. Treatment took a long time, mainly due to other kids having been getting the same. The recent pic before a scheduled trip to Israel for a check-up.

The last 7 months the scheduled check-ups were revealing everything Ok, due to updates on the charity site.

January 19, 2017

Optical nerve glioma case, Reiki treatment help

Optical nerve glioma case:

The girl has been had a distant Reiki help for already 1.5 years, however due to a lot of other children from charity sites getting the same, her treatment was less, than was needed, which resulted in relapse, photo of Feb 13 2016:

Urgent help resulted in vivid improvement, June 16, 2016, though it took about 4 months of everyday work.


Since then it went uphill for all aspects, except nagging infections, she's been having several times.
Recent photo:


The case is really difficult for some reasons, for the cancer's core aspects and persistency, compared to even more aggressive and 100% deadly glioblastoma cases, 3 now in work, or the medulloblastoma mentioned in the previous post, which are showing ready and stable response for distant Reiki. 

Medulloblastoma case

The girl is receiving Reiki treatment as distant help to test Reiki for cancer, and the results are seen on attached photos.
First one was made 20 Dec 2016, when she had a relapse of the disease and brain surgery. Second one was 13.01.2017, when she was skiing.

Can't say the case is top complex, however medulloblastoma relapse is always considered as very serious
sign for the future of a patient.

December 27, 2016

Breast cancer and generally oncology in reproductive system

Earlier it was mentioned, breast cancer treatment appears more effective, if do it not on it's Space location - thoracic region - controlled by Wind - but implying Darkness energy, so far it controls reproductive system.

In terms of Space location, and what was written in previous post, breast cancer is to involve:
--- Wind chakra - or Anahata, as Inner chakra
--- mouth as Wind physical chakra
There's good response and cancer energy destruction following this, however with Darkness energy as controlling system, it will be:
--- Kundalini chakra as Inner chakra
--- anus, as darkness physical chakra
 Here response seems deeper and involving more cancer energy per minute of treatment.

Technically this is not very convenient, as both zones fall to the space between middle and ring fingers, however one may use the root of thumb for Kundalini chakra. 

Strictly speaking, outer Darkness chakra has the same location, as Solar chakra.
Kundalini chakra has the same projection, as Outer Cold chakra.
One may attribute reproductive system for outer Cold chakra for practical use, at least response there 
seems stronger.