December 8, 2012

Cancer/sarcoma treatment, chakras to apply remedies

Outer boyl-chakras allow most fundamental action and their easy mapping on fingers make simple treatment by application of cancer-fighting remedies possible to everyone.
Each chakra presents an energy, which controls the corresponding organ/system:

exists on every finger, mapping for left and right
hand is exactly the same:
--- VI - chakra of Cold - red
--- V - chakra of Dryness, orange
--- IV - Dampness, yellow
--- I - Wind, green
--- II - Heat, azure
--- III - Burn, blue

Chakras are 4-5 mm size; their centres are:
--- exactly where the median line
crosses the joint line for the middle joint
--- for Cold chakra - the root of every finger
just below the knuckle
--- for Burn chakra - the top of finger

Links between organs/systems and energies controlling them have been given in:

Cancer treatment by this approach involves 3 chakras:
--- first two are the same for every cancer: chakras of Cold, VI, and Burn III, which represent
2 main cancer's energies - Cold for rooting and Burn for spreading
--- third chakra is determined by the above listing, i.e. for stomach, spleen cancer it is chakra of
Dampness, yellow; for liver/gall bladder/sarcoma in muscular tisue this is Wind chakra I.
Anticancer remedy is applied onto the spots for 30 min to several hours.

First 2 chakras control cancer throughout the whole body, seen by the position of both, coccyx/top of head.
3-rd chakra corresponding to the stricken organ/system allows direct action on the source of the problem.

In fact, it controlls the whole region of body mapped at left.


Nerv. system is controlled by energy of Burn and kidneys/bladder/bones controlled by energy of Cold, so for these cases the third chakra matches either Cold or Burn chakras, i.e. no need for 3-rd chakra. 

Cancer in reproductive system which is controlled by energy of Darkness, corresponds to Cold chakra in this scheme so again no need for 3-rd chakra.