October 2, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details

A diabetes case which is special in certain ways and it's treatment will be described in 
following posts.
The sufferer: a man 37 years old, has diabetes since October 1992.
The history:
--- Dec 1988 - cerebral concussion
--- Aug 1991 - gastritis
--- July - eye problems: maturation and inflammation
--- Oct 6 - conjunctivitis and high level of sugar in urine
--- Oct 19 - visiting endocrinologist 

For one who's been having diabetes for 19 years he is amazingly physically preserved,
--- almost no strength
--- generally low emotional state
--- easily forgets what he's been just told and what he himself tells
--- contradicts himself frequently
--- do not regularly monitors sugar levels and can provide just general figures.

He was little helpful to collect a list of complaints, though very much willing to treatment itself.
When asked about his emotional state: "hopeless, no fear for the future, nothing to expect as treatment 
doesn't help".

These are general characteristics of "Neito" or "Darkness" disease:

--- slow steady development which gradually destroys energy on fundamental level
--- little or no effect from standard treatment
--- no fear and no active resistance

Energy sequences for the mentioned diseases:
--- brain concussion:
Burn--->Light: Dryness, Cold excess, the main energies of trauma
--- gastritis:
Heat--->Dampness: Heat, Dampness, possible Dryness excess
--- eye maturation and inflammation:
Burn--->Wind--->Burn: Heat, Dampness excess
--- conjunctivitis - generally the same 
--- diabetes:
Burn--->Dampness--->Dampness: Dryness or Cold excess
the level of C-peptide is 0.1nmol which is 20-30 times lower than normal indicating
serious problems, which points to energy of Cold.

The only visible symptome of diabetes is massive skin rush all over the body:
Dryness: Heat (pink colour), Dampness (elements above the skin), Dryness (elements white and 
dry on top)

This shows certain energies repeating each other in different combinations giving different conditions
which in fact are all interconnected.

His Energy Constitution is determined as:
excess of Dampness, Dryness, Cold
insufficiency of Wind, Heat, Burn
which shows the energies in excess mostly as harmful energies for listed diseases, and insufficient
energies as targets for those.

Treatment in next posts.