October 31, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 12

Session 12, Oct 28.
1. Triorigin scheme as described earlier:

2. Scheme by Time Energies in full version:

--- Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up, Neitro tone up, Neito control, joints A and B.

The patient in 5 min felt "all his problems gone as if he's not having diabetes", which is the way Time Energies work, eliminating the problem "at level of information".

Later this day he began experiencing loss of energy so far much more energy got involved in

This was the reason schemes on Time Energies have been done so far in Open Point mode
which harmonizes one's state otherwise he'd have been experiencing such energy swings 
regularly which is not good as he works full-time.

3. Outer chakras: a scheme added to restore External Heat chakra:

he felt the same strong flow of energy coming in, as was for schemes on Core meridians:

This was recommened as self-treatment by crystals.

4. Local scheme for pancreas:

5. Core meridians tested and a scheme done on meridian marked green:

Later this day he began experiencing serious energy dropping which lasted to the midday of next day.
As this began at 20.00 this involves energy of Dryness in Internal Time Cycles:
--- 18.00 - 20.00 - period of Yang-Dryness, colon, skin, hair
--- 20.00 - 22.00 - Yin-Dryness, lungs.
he was adviced to massage lungs zone, seen on the image for Local scheme for pancreas.

He told of having more energy but still little; he's been doing massage for lungs zones.
During the day he experienced steady dropping of sugar level, he was eating constantly but sugar level
retained on 4.0.

Energy seemingly on the same level.
A scheme was sent to him to work on lungs in Triorigin joints scheme:

Diabetes I type case, in details, sugar levels

After session 12 on Oct 28:
Oct 29 - 11.2
Oct 30 - 10.2 in the morning then dropped to 4.0 and the whole day he was experiencing  hypoglycemia;
was eating constantly but sugar level was not rising.
Oct 31 - 15.0 probably as a result of yesterday's efforts to raise sugar level.

He's having 10 units of long-acting insulin twice a day and 8-10 of fast-acting.

October 28, 2011

Heart problems, complex case, session 2

Second session:
1. Basic energy points for this case:

Harmonization by Triangles:

 the patient is having energy deficit for lower
part/right side of body

2. Fundamental Triorigin scheme:

To avoid dangers described in:

besides points targeting heart (above) there was only needle to Neitro point on the final
Ho meridian, so far Neitro energy comprises all features of Gomo=Yin and 
Hetero = Yang energies and can never give harmful effect; also a needle perpendicular in Neito point.

The patient's state was being monitored for 10 min then a needle added to sedate Gomo energy.
The scheme was working smoothly and safely which is natural for both Triorigin approach
and Neitro meridians system.

3. Time Energies scheme, described in:

4. Outer chakras:
--- an energy hole in Cold chakra which is always serious, also in Dampness chakra.
The patient was recommended for self-treatment:
--- Basic energy points and Harmonization by Triangles
--- Time Energies for the moment of heart attack by taping seeds
--- plant seeds on liver, heart and kidney zones in Insect Correspondence system:

--- a scheme by crystals to restore Outer Dampness chakra:

Diabetes I type case, in details, doses today

He himself lowered the doses, and it was decided to have 10 of long-acting
and 8-10 of fast-acting insulin, more than 2 times lower than at the beginning of treatment
a month ago.

October 27, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, dropping doses

The patient reported these sugar levels:
26.10 -  5.4
today -  6.5

He tells he feels being generally hypoglycemic, so it seems the doses are again to be lowered, 
though after last session it was decided to keep 12 units of long-acting insulin for at least for
a week.

October 26, 2011

Heart problems, complex case, session 1

--- aneurism as Gomo = Yin excess which implies Gomo sedation
--- stratification of myocard, which is Hetero = Yang excess and needs Hetero sedation

In fact:
--- stratification = Yang syndrome is for myocard interior which is Yin
i.e. Yang in Yin
--- aneurism = Yin syndrome is for myocard surface which is Yang, i.e. Yin in Yang
so far both relate to the same myocard, the connection between both is clear so scheme for aneurism
will also heal stratification and vise versa.

Real danger is blood clot in aneurism cavity:
--- elimination of blood clot is sedation of it's parent Gomo = Dampness energy, and toning
up Wind, Heat or Burn = Hetero energies
--- but this also helps detach it from the heart wall so far lysing of thromb as a whole goes 
on the whole surface of it, which is life-threatening.
Also, when aneurism is healed and heart wall straightens, this will push the blood clot to
the bloodstream.

Su-Jok methods can selectively act on thromb roots and surface it is exposed to bloodstream, which allows fixing it stronger at the same time beginning to lyse it on the exposed side.

It was decided to compose schemes to exclude direct action on heart, instead working
on pathogenic energies as main or individual energies.
Neitro schemes on fingers joints for meridians and chakras are preferable as they additionally harmonize situation.

1.Scheme on Inner boyl-chakras, sedation of Gomo = Yin on:

--- Cold chakra 1, main pathogenic energy of heart attack, kidneys, eye lens
--- Dryness 2, skin, heart attack, cornea
--- Dampness 3, aneurism, coronary blood clots and that in aneurism cavity, overweight, rheumatic 
pains, kidney cysts
--- Wind 4, chest region as a whole

2. Scheme on Time Energies for the moment of heart attack (past, light green) and the day of treatment
(dark green):

such scheme CAN NEVER do any harm
regardless of a condition.

 It is done in Open Points mode which

additionally harmonizes the situation.

3. Integrated scheme for heart attack/stroke:
with the path for heart all needles perpendicular.

This showed:
--- there are already some problems for brains vessels/circulation
--- the scheme also works for emotional problems and this was taking place releasing
The patient is on heavy medication for blood pressure so he felt little about the treatment,
however responded as "generally good, relaxing".

October 25, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 11, more

What anticancer scheme showed is essential, so far both cancer and diabetes have strong Cold - Gomo or Yin energy for their roots, and actually classic scheme for diabetes uses half of that used for cancer treatment:
sedation of Gomo, toning up Hetero.
However, diabetes also has features of more severe Neitro type of disease, and also most serious 
Neito type for cases with tendency to total termination of beta-cells function.

It will be interesting to also test a scheme on vocal cords so far it turned out promising
for cancer treatment:

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 11

Essentially the same as the set chosen earlier; returning to Triorigin schemes 
with some variations:

Also, checking the state and healing schemes on Inner boyl-chakras:
all points have become transparent to energy flow so it's a straight road to improving.
The remaining clogging energy was:
--- still on Dryness chakra (lungs, colon, skin which had extensive rush)
--- also a bit more pathogenic energy in Wind chakra (liver, gall bladder, chest region)
however no blockage to treatment.

There's been one anticancer scheme in 8 Qi tested on his thumb; he told about quite
strong flow of energy deep inside in the middle of breast (unblocking thymus according to
observations) and told it was giving more balance and more energy at the same time.

He dropped the doses for long-acting insulin to 12 units (20-21 units at the beginning of
Su-jok treatment 34 days ago); it is planned to keep 12 units for next 7-9 days.

October 23, 2011

Heart problems, complex case

Currently working with a patient who has long history of cardiovascular and related problems:
--- generally overweight since childhood
--- rheumatic pains as a teenager
--- high blood pressure almost since 8 years old
Later in addition to this:
--- stratification of myocard and heart aneurism
--- blood clot in aneurism cavity 
--- coronary thrombosis
--- heart attack May 20
Several years ago he was hospitalized for developing stroke which was attributed to the thrombus
parts escaping into bloodstream.

--- some digestive problems 
--- skin rush on face and chest which at times becomes very annoying
--- kidneys cysts
--- eye astigmatism

His Energy Constitution was determined as:

--- excess of Burn, Dampness and Dryness
--- as a result, Wind, Heat and Cold are insufficient
This case is well illustrating how Constitutional energies in serious imbalance are enough to cause all the above problems; more, simple scheme to correct Constitutional energies appeared giving faster effect than most fundamental Triorigin scheme  for cardiovascular problems.


1. High blood pressure:
Heat-Heat: Burn excess

2. Rheumatism:
excess of Heat (inflammation), Dampness (swelling, dull pains) and Dryness (degenerative processes in tissues, sharp twisting pains)

3. stratification of myocard: 
Heat--->Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Wind (muscles i.e. myocard): Heat excess

stratification is harmful Yang energy:
--- Wind starts any process
--- Burn is actually a rupture of a tissue, so the energy in between corresponding to developing 
stratification is Heat

 4. heart aneurism, quite usual location in upper part of ventricle:
Heat--->Heat--->Wind--->Cold (top part of heart): Dampness excess
aneurism may be regarded having the same energy behind as varicose veins (Dampness)

6. the most dangerous of all, the blood clot in aneurism cavity:
Heat--->Heat--->Cold (location in heart)--->Dampness(aneurism cavity): Dampness excess

5. coronary thrombosis:
Heat--->Heat---> Heat (coronary vessels): Dampness excess

6. heart attack: 
and related posts
Heat--->Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Wind (muscle, myocardium):
Cold (and Dryness) excess

Acompanying problems:
7. skin rush:
Dryness (skin): Heat, Burn, Dampness excess

8. kidneys cysts:
Cold (kidneys): Dampness excess
the same pathogenic energy as for aneurism, blood clots, overweight

9. eye astigmatism:
Burn--->Wind--->Burn---> Cold (lens) or Dryness (cornea): disruption of 
energy resulting in irregular or toric curvature of them.
Tests can reveal the problem area and it can be mapped by corresponding energy giving the 
full acu recipe.

It is seen the same energies arrange in different combinations giving different conditions.

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 10

The days before session 10 the patient decided to further drop insulin doses as he was
feeling some hypoglycemia.
For session 10 fundamental Triorigin scheme was replaced by a scheme in 8 Qi
--- helps broaden the action since Triorigin schemes work on the deepest (anatomically) level of
the bones and bones facsia while schemes in 8 Qi work closest to surface
--- the action is the same fundamental
The scheme also used autoimmune approach, with incorporated sequence to prevent 
destruction of beta-cells membranes, similar to fighting aniphospholipid syndrome:

If Triorigin schemes work was not felt in details by patient, for schemes in 8 Qi he clearly felt 
the energy flow mostly on his back and his state was changing from physical and emotional uplift
to being almost flat.

Work on Core meridians was continued with meridians:

the scheme the same as before:

Every time scheme on core meridians is being done,
the patient feels strong flow of energy coming inside
giving much more energy regardless of what schemes
were used in a session before this.

Sugar levels:
18.10.11 - 6.0
19.10.11 - 7.2
20.10.11 - 13.5 (after a meal for hypoglycemia)

He's now having 14 + 14 units of long-acting insulin and 10-12 units of fast-acting insulin, and it seems 
the doses can be dropped more.

October 18, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, sessions 7,8,9

The schemes in use were essentially the same as for session 6, with
--- variations for scheme for Core meridians:


variants of choice for Core meridians (most frequently used)
with the same healing scheme:
--- sedation of Dryness - light blue points
--- toning up Wind - green point in the midle
--- sedation of cold and toning up Burn - blue points

--- of chakral treatment, today (session 9) only chakras of Dryness and Wind were used
compared to treatment on 4 chakras for sessions 5-8:

In general the patient looks and behaves very different, to better, than at the beginning of the treatment:
---skin rush almost left arms and front of trunk, 1/3 of former amount staying on the back
--- much more physical strength, recently was able to carry 30kg packages which was
impossible at the beginning of treatment
--- emotional state has stabilised on positive note and no alterations during a day
--- former psychological problems almost totally disappeared, he's very communicative, doesn't forget
things and enthusiastic for more self-treatment.

Sugar levels are within 4-9 mmol/l with:
--- 15 units of long-acting insulin twice a day
--- 10 units of fast-acting insulin

October 10, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, sugar levels

Oct 7 - 13.2 (after some sweets for hypoglycemia) 
Oct 8 - 14.9, later in the evening it was very low (no figure)
Oct 10 - 7.5 in the morning.

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 6

Sugar levels will be posted later; of general symptomes skin rush goes on disappearing
on trunk; not much difference for the arms since last session.

The schemes were essentially the same as in session 5:
1. Triorigin scheme: the same as before:
with 1 additional point to focus action on beta-cells of pancreas
2 Time energies - as before.

3. Scheme on ear on Border Cold meridian, needles and moxa treatment, the scheme described in:
Patient was very sensitive to this and really enjoyed ear acupuncture; scheme on ear also made schemes 
on fingers work faster.

4. Chakral treatment - the same. It was necessary to additionally address Neito points on chakral
joint meridians (needle perpendicular).

5. Correspondence and Local system:  
--- anticancer remedy (described earlier) was applied on pancreas zone,
--- then needles into zone, 
--- then scheme in Local system:

zone of pancreas.

Anticancer remedy was applied on the whole green area;
3 needles perpendicular into the zone then Triorigin treatment:
--- Neito, Gomo sedate
--- Hetero, Neitro tone up
shown on the pic.

Patient was feeling tingling in pancreas area.

6. Treatment on Core meridians: the same; the meridian was chosen mirror-like to one
used last time according to general principles, Upper Right Core meridian.
This allowed unrestrained flow of energy which was felt by patient like last time, energy and 
emotional uplift.
Another type of anticancer remedy was applied onto on a zone of stagnant energy on
this meridian which caused quick destruction of pathogenic energy in whole upper part of

This scheme along with fundamental Triorigin scheme (also ear acupuncture) has the most prominent 
effect for this case.

Self-treatment: additionally recommended to tape crystals onto points for External chakra of Cold
which has critical damage generally responsible for his case. 

In general, the patient by this time is noticeably more active physically and emotionally, eagerly participating 
in treatment process telling about his feelings and pointing to zones where anything happens, 
in contrast to first 2 sessions.

October 8, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, correction

According to what patient told today, he used 20-21 units of long-acting insulin 2 times a day
before the Su-jok treatment began, and 17 units after 4-th session.
After 5-th session he is on 15 units.

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 5

Patient reported about some sickness since the last session; emotional state good.
Also, he began feeling his pancreas as some pain and a clogged warm zone in there.
Skin rush essentially disappeared on lower half of shoulders; about half of the initial amount
left on trunk.

Sugar levels: 
Oct 1- 5,6
Oct 2 - 7.6

Patient began experiencing hypoglycemia episodes when sugar levels dropped to
2.8 in the afternoon; after a snack 13,3
Oct 3 - 11.2 (again after some sweets to manage hypoglycemia)
he's keeping the same medication.

1.Triorigin scheme, discussed earlier.
2. Treatment by Time Energies, past+present for diabetes, discussed earlier:
3. Needles into pancreas, colon and bladder zones and moxa treatment.
4.  Treatment on chakras in Neitro system on fingers joints.
A. Internal Chakras; sedation of Homo - the main diabetes pathogenic energy, on:
--- Cold chakra - main pathogenic energy
--- Dryness - pathogenic energy
--- Dampness: pancreas, insulin-producing cells
--- Wind - liver 
by needles and moxa treatment, the patient was feeling it in details.
The chakral points were essentially clogged; liver points were also clogged in contrast to
points on liver meridian in Nails system.
Combined moxa heating for needles in organs zones and needles on chakras made points unblock 

B. External chakras – sedation of He on Cold chakra to repair an energy hole, discussed earlier.
The patient told he was feeling all his emotional and physical problems subsiding during this, 
which confirmed damage there is critical for his case.

5. Core meridians, the same scheme:
on Vertical Lower Left  + Horizontal Lower Left meridians which appeared amazingly clear and responsive 
to treatment, at some moment the patient told about strong flow of energy coming inside.

6. Patient wished to try ear acupuncture which he heared magical properties about.
There's been short moxa session to try his response and how this would interact with
basic finger and palm schemes.
He felt treatment much better and told about warmth in bladder and pancreas when Border meridians
of Cold (bladder, kidneys) and Dampness (spleen, pancreas) were being treated, respectively.
He was feeling the energy and emotional uplift for 30 min after the session then a sickness he could barely stand up 
from bed.

Such massive session (on patient's request) led to hypoglycemia later at night:
--- he couldn't sleep up to 2 AM with sugar level of 2.8
--- he woke up at 4.00 AM with sugar level 2.5, had a tea with sugar and apples.
At 6.30 AM sugar level 6.0.

October 6, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 4

The patient looked even better with more energy and balanced emotions, which was also due to
the self-treatment sessions done regularly.
Skin rush almost left forearms and less on the trunk.

Sugar levels:
--- 28 - 7,8 
--- 29 - 4,7
--- 30 - 8,1

--- 1- 5,6
The patient administers:
--- long-acting insulin in the morning and evening 17 units
--- rapid-acting insulin after each meal 8-12 units.

1. Triorigin scheme for pancreas, discussed earlier.
2. Time Energies, diabetes +current day, discussed earlier
3. Correction on Nails meridians - showed almost all points got unblocked to various degree and the focus 
of main energy imbalance shifted from Dampness-Wind pair of meridians to Heat-Dryness pair of meridians:

Yin grows in a sequence:
Dampness --->Dryness--->Cold
this indicates treatment affected deeper

4. Examination of External chakras:

Quite serious problems were found on External chakras of 
Dampness - 4, and Wind,  and very seriuos on 
External chakra of Cold -1

Energy hole on External Cold chakra indicates fundamental loss of energy and generally a potential life-threatening condition. 

Treatment was sedation of Hetero by needles and moxa.
The patient clearly felt this working.

4. Examination of Core meridians which had a lot of troubled zones at first session:

there were just 3-4 zones of significant troubles left, which showed a noticeable progress.

Needles were applied just into the zone marked 
red, with moxa treatment. 

The patient was recommended half of teaspoon of blackseed seeds in the morning
and evening.

October 5, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 3

The patient gave an impression of more energy and balanced emotional state which he confirmed;
voice sounding stronger and more colourful.
Skin rush disappeared on lower 2/3 of forearms.

1. Autoimmune scheme with incorporated Time energies sequences: the date of diabetes was diagnosed,
by external and internal Time scale.
The External Time Energies sequence (calendar date for the moment the disease was diagnosed):
The Internal Time Energies (the same date on Times Energies scale which starts at one's moment 
of birth):

autoimmune scheme with Internal Time energies sequence on right hand.

On left hand there was just a sequence for External time energies in Joints system.


The patient was feeling distinct harmonization for left and right side of body and also warmth deep inside coming up.

2. A scheme on Lower Core meridian which covers whole trunk below diaphragm
to work on pancreas, liver, bladder:

--- sedation of Dryness - light blue point
--- sedation of Cold and toning up Burn - blue points
--- toning up Wind - green point

3. Energy correction in Nails system (frequently used in this blog) which is also good for emotional 
correction - Triorigin points of all Nails meridians: 

--- little finger right hand: all points except Gomo are essentially blocked and crammed by pathogenic energy on pancreas meridian (Dampness)
--- but there was unexpected path to unlock this on Wind meridian, the little finger left hand (liver), energy to easily fill body through Neito

This case has general Neito energy (life-claiming) behind so managing this by energy of the same type is essential.

The patient told sugar level began to drop since 3-rd session, about 8mmol/l while before it was 
generally at 12-16.
Figures day by day in next post.

October 4, 2011

Diabetes I type case, session 2

The patient told about a bit more energy the days after first session.
The emotional state is the same.

1. The fundamental Triorigin scheme:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-No (organs)-Ne-Ne-Ho:
--- sedation of Neito, fundamental destruction
--- sedation of Ho, main diabetes energy
--- tone up Ne, healing and harmonization energy
The patient was feeling the treatment which was encouraging sign.

2. Basic energy points and harmonization by triangles:

 treatment to manage imbalance of energy for 
--- upper-lower parts of body
--- left-right side of body
heating the points in a sequence

Basic energy points chosen for the case:

 this also balances energy in left-right side of body so far there's general
insufficiency of it at right side.

3. Time Energies.
2 schemes were combined to treat the moment of brain concussion and the day of treatment:

points 1,2,3 for brain concussion
points 4,5,6 for the energies of a current
Needles into points in a sequence, then heating points by moxa and taping blackseed seeds 3 seeds onto each.


4. Zones for pancreas and bladder in Correspondence system - the same as first session.

Treatments were generally scheduled as 1 session in 3-4 days. 
The patient was recommended for self-treatment between sessions:
--- basic energy points and harmonization by triangles, heating the points ints then taping blackseed seeds
onto basic energy points
--- taping seeds onto zones in Correspondence system
--- heating and taping blackseeds on a Time Energies scheme for brain concussion:

October 3, 2011

Diabetes 1 type, in details, session 1

1-st session consisted of the following:
1. basic energy points, heating all on both hands:

2. a scheme based on autoimmune concept.
The scheme was done on boyl-chakras, their Neitro analogues on fingers joints to have balanced and 
at the same time deep action, which corresponds to the nature of disease: Gomo or Yin.
The patient began feeling the treatment only when needles were being heated by moxa which indicated 
especially deep problems; time for treatment about 30 min.
3. Time energies, based on the moment diabetes was first time addressed, 19 Oct 1992:

The scheme was applied right after the previous
and kept working for 20 min.

Treatment was by needles perpendicular to all points, then moxa heating, then blackseed seeds onto the points (3 seeds for each).


4. Correspondence system: pancreas and bladder zones:

There appeared just 1 sensitive point on bladder zone and nothing on pancreas zone which indicates
the problems are very deep. However one needle in this point and moxa treatment made 3 points active 
on pancreas zone.

The scheme was recommended for self-treatment,
filling the zones by blackseed seeds and keeping 
them for 24 hours.
Fingers of choice are:
--- little finger right hand - finger of Dampness, pancreas
--- ring finger left hand - determined by his "leading"
meridian of 12 meridians.

 5. Core meridians zones: needles, moxa, magnets.
So far:
--- previous treatment shows the disease is rooting very deep
--- diabetes is Yin disease - rooting deep
Core meridians (the deepest of most fundamental) were investigated to reveal many troubled areas:

Little finger right hand from all sides.
Core meridians are horizontal and vertical lines.


--- inserting needles 
--- treating by moxa

The patient appeared to be very sensitive to treatment by magnets which can be used by application or massage (standard method) or similar to moxa treatment:  a magnet kept pointing onto the point and going 
in circles around a needle.
The treatment unblocked a lot of stagnated energy as the patient was feeling the treatment 
rather clearly.

Next treatment was scheduled in 3 days.

October 2, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details

A diabetes case which is special in certain ways and it's treatment will be described in 
following posts.
The sufferer: a man 37 years old, has diabetes since October 1992.
The history:
--- Dec 1988 - cerebral concussion
--- Aug 1991 - gastritis
--- July - eye problems: maturation and inflammation
--- Oct 6 - conjunctivitis and high level of sugar in urine
--- Oct 19 - visiting endocrinologist 

For one who's been having diabetes for 19 years he is amazingly physically preserved,
--- almost no strength
--- generally low emotional state
--- easily forgets what he's been just told and what he himself tells
--- contradicts himself frequently
--- do not regularly monitors sugar levels and can provide just general figures.

He was little helpful to collect a list of complaints, though very much willing to treatment itself.
When asked about his emotional state: "hopeless, no fear for the future, nothing to expect as treatment 
doesn't help".

These are general characteristics of "Neito" or "Darkness" disease:

--- slow steady development which gradually destroys energy on fundamental level
--- little or no effect from standard treatment
--- no fear and no active resistance

Energy sequences for the mentioned diseases:
--- brain concussion:
Burn--->Light: Dryness, Cold excess, the main energies of trauma
--- gastritis:
Heat--->Dampness: Heat, Dampness, possible Dryness excess
--- eye maturation and inflammation:
Burn--->Wind--->Burn: Heat, Dampness excess
--- conjunctivitis - generally the same 
--- diabetes:
Burn--->Dampness--->Dampness: Dryness or Cold excess
the level of C-peptide is 0.1nmol which is 20-30 times lower than normal indicating
serious problems, which points to energy of Cold.

The only visible symptome of diabetes is massive skin rush all over the body:
Dryness: Heat (pink colour), Dampness (elements above the skin), Dryness (elements white and 
dry on top)

This shows certain energies repeating each other in different combinations giving different conditions
which in fact are all interconnected.

His Energy Constitution is determined as:
excess of Dampness, Dryness, Cold
insufficiency of Wind, Heat, Burn
which shows the energies in excess mostly as harmful energies for listed diseases, and insufficient
energies as targets for those.

Treatment in next posts.