November 12, 2009

Basic energy points - guidance

The location of the points:
Points are about 3 mm in size and easy to found:
 on the palm:
3 - in the middle between 1 and 5
2 и 4 - at 1/3 of a distance to the nearest point 1 or 5
6 - equal distance between 5 and 7
on the outer side of the hand:
2 - equal distance between 1 and 3
5 - equal distance between 4 and 6

One can massage the points by smth like a round tip of a pencil but best is
moxibition - heating by a special moxa cigar sold in acupuncture
and Chinese medicine shops, or a incense stick, even byy a burning coal.
One may tie 2-3 incense sticks toghether for more heat flow.

The sequence of working:
--- for the palm - in the sequence from 1 to 7
--- on the outer side of a hand - in reverse order i.e. 6,5,4,...1.
One starts with left hand for men and right hand for women for the first session;
next time on another hand and so on alternating hands.

The cigar is hold above the point at a distance to give a constant flow of heat
not burning, until a pleasant warmth at the point.

One may heat all the points equal time, usually 20 to 30 sec, or a specific
time for each to get that feeling of warmth.
In some while one may get the feeling what particular points need treatment.

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