November 12, 2009

Basic energy points a great preventing tool

Moxibustion for the basic energy points is probably the best preventing cure for all ages.
These points are known to raise energy in the body thus raising immunity
in general and also balancing energies and emotions.
Moxibustion is especially effective for all conditions caused by harmful energy
of Cold, i.e. the cold itself and seasonal flu for example (cancer also).
Will definitely be a good preventive for the swine or bird flu as here the action is not
on a particular type of virus but on the energy it thrives on and strengthening immune 
system at the same time.
Especially  valuable for children, "officially certified" for age 5 and older.
Good option is to rub garlic or onion pulp into the points as this also works for the acu points
and the same for plant extracts, aroma oils etc. 
Link to the points location diagrams:

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