February 22, 2011

Uveal melanoma

This type of cancer is direct threat to one's vision so far eye removal is not uncommon (and subsequent metastasing in liver is also a serious threat).
Su-jok medicine schemes for the uvea region:

1. Iris melanoma:

Treatment of points in sequence:
--- point 1, then point 2, then return
to ring finger where point 1 is treated
one more time (second needle, second time heating), then again to little finger.

Treatment in general:
--- to fight cancer at it's roots, 2 red points
--- to tame it's proliferation, 2 blue points in the same location
 For taping natural stones, one has points 1 and 3 as 1 point to tape a green crystal on. 

The Light-Darkness scheme stays generally applicable:

Both types of schemes: Nails System, previous, and this, allow very fast action however the latter operates on most fundamental level
(Diamond Energy System) working very fast at the same time
(option for emergency help for eyes traumas).

Points 1 and 2 direct action to eyes region.
Different colours for point 3 show options for:
--- sedation - taming cancer's spreading - dark point
--- harmonization - balancing energies in the area - green point
May be used to correct main treatment and between main sessions
of sedation and toning up
--- tone up - fighting cancer at it's roots - violet point


Schemes for ciliary body melanoma and choroidal melanoma in next 2 posts.