January 23, 2012

Diabetes I type case, in details, update

The patient recently told he has had total 6 (!) brain concussions in the past, one of them 
accompanied by fracture of 6-th cervical vertebra, from active sports.
That this was told 3 months since the beginning of treatment, though being regularly asked about his feelings
and past problems, does show the severity of his case.

6-th cervical vertebra is controlled by energy of Dryness, which is main energy to start diabetes 1-st type, and also controls skin, where he has had the only visible symptome of diabetes, a massive skin rush (now essentially disappeared).

Latest 3 sessions he was experiencing feelings and energy coming only in brain regardless of
whether acupuncture scheme (in Triorigin) was targeting brain, immune system or pancreas.
In fact, the amount of pathogenic energy from these traumas totals to a case of stroke; he insists 
it's this together with psychological pressure in his family in the past, that caused diabetes, which is in total agreement with Su-jok theory.

At the same time he's experiencing hypoglycemic episodes after sessions. 


Triorigin schemes

Triorigin schemes are the most fundamental in Su-jok; schemes in 8 Qi, examples:
are derivatives of them.

The most fundamental of Triorigin schemes are schemes by Time Energies:
and also the simplest for self-treatment even using needles (plant thorns).

Triorigin schemes, atopic dermatitis

For a case with localization on face (head), the same energies as in previous post:
No-Ho-Ne-Ho-He-Ne: Heat (redness), Dampness (itching), Burn (raised bumps) sedate, 
Dryness, Wind and Cold tone up:
--- brown points - needles perpendicular
--- brown lines - needles direction
left hand, acute case (lasting within 1 year).

Self-treatment, taping natural crystals:
--- green - 1,2,
--- other crystals are of the same colours as points
Also, may be simple moxibustion of taped crystals by 3 incense sticks tied together perpendicular for all points, in a sequence, each for 1 min.