August 23, 2010

Time Energies (chronopuncture), schemes on joints

This type of schemes for Time Energies was discused earlier:

General idea of treatment based on the moment in the past the disease appeared: 

An example of treatment of PNET case with known moment when cancer first time appeared,
March 6, 2010, 

There are 2 basic techniques for such approach:
1. Working on the points as Open Points,
i.e. needles, moxibustion, light irradiation perpendicular onto each points 1,2,and 3
2.  The ellipses with colour points represent
the cross-section of the last joint in the scheme
where is point 3.
Treatment is according to general idea for cancer treatment:
--- to destroy cancer's basic energy, sedate Gomo
and tone up Hetero, red points
--- to tame cancer's spreading, sedate Hetero and tone up Gomo.
There can also be treatment by 6 or 8 Qi (leftmost).

For much stronger action, this may be combined with the scheme (the first link) for current day of treatment, for example, for the treatment in August, several days marked:

Combining 2 schemes in one session one 
both addresses the harmful moment in the past 
and gets healing from the current day energies. 

A version of scheme with 2 points, treatment based on the date of operation for colon cancer, 
July 23:

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