August 22, 2010

Cancer and energy practicies, Chi-Gong

Chi-Gong has established itself in Western culture as an effecient way to get fitter, for rehabilitation and harmonization of body, emotions and mind.
In case of cancer, it's generally believed energy practice can put one at risk of cancer growth due to promotion of blood and lymph circulation, though the same directed at right place can help destroy 
Though cancer is very autonomous in it's energy mechanizms at the same time able to use body energy sources, there always exist places with lack of energy which can be helped by Chi-Gong
Such energy holes may be a result of an emotional stress or suffering, i.e. on emotional level, or wrong judgement or reaction to events i.e. on mental energies level; in fact,  this energy lack has caused body defense mechanizms weakened and cancer got chance to take roots.

There exist many different approaches in Chi-Gong; martial arts schools have some form of it,
like blows on body coordinated with breath in Goju-Rju karate to strengthen body and energy.
Alternative approach is special technique of 'energy touch" in some martial arts schools for the same
in softer way. This seems much more suitable for weakened people, and the action by touch may be much easier to direct to the needed place than by mental concentration. 

In fact, acupuncture can do the same, like working on emotional and mental energies in Su-jok

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