July 16, 2011

Cyclists: helping emotional problems

Harmful events like crashes especially accidents caused by cars or motorcycles
serving the race, which was not one case at Tour de France this year, may have serious
impact on riders emotional state.
Besides, bad crashes can seriously affect the riders motivation like confessed by Robert Gesink 
in his interviews, considering the physical traumas he got are not hampering him from continuing
the race.

The "integrated" scheme for heart attack/stroke:
proved also working well for emotional/mental traumas having rather fast effect done
on professional level (needles combined with moxa treatment).

One however can do the same by natural crystals for self-treatment:

points are easy to find:
--- for point 3', it's 1/2 distance between green point 2'
and the tip of thumb
--- for point 2 - at 1/2 of the lower part of black line
(the meridian), point 3 - 1/2 distance between points 2 
and 1.

One tapes natural crystals 2-3 mm size of the same colour
onto, for 30 min up to several hours.
One can add heating my moxa cigar, 
--- in sequence of numbers: 1-2-3 then 1-2'-3'
--- keeping it perpendicular to points at comfortable distance to create a constant flow of heat
--- 30 sec to 1 min each.

Warning: this scheme may not apply for those with irregular heart beating!
Also, for those who just have had an operation on heart and any acute heart condition
like several days from the moment of heart attack.

Cycling: 2-points easy treatment for joints

There is general mapping of body on the palm, so one can use 2 main points for joints locations,
like shown for both shoulders:

Attaching plant thorns like was described in:
onto the points, one does general harmonization of energies for the injured joint.

If combine this with moxa treatment - heating by special moxa or several incense sticks 
tied together holding it beside the needle aiming at the points, this can ease pain rather 
quickly and manage all other trauma aspects.

Of course, this works not only for cyclists traumas.