July 11, 2011

Heart attack, " 2-path " scheme

This scheme has 2 regions of action: heart area and neck/brain area.
Such approach is based on the idea that heart problems are always accompanied by or cause 
energy disruption in brain.

In classic Chinese acupuncture, heart is controlled by energy of Fire and brain tissue is based 
on kidneys energy, i.e. on physical level brain is linked to kidneys function.
Kidneys are Water energy and Fire and Water are in axis relation, which means
there's no ever heart problem which doesn't affect kidneys and vise versa. 

Here one starts from point 1 then goes along the chosen path: down to heart region 1 - 2 - 3 or
up to brain area 1 - 2' - 3'.

In fact, such version of Light-Darkness schemes was not introduced by Su-jok founders.

As usual, colour of points is colour of natural srystals to tape on
for self-treatment.Green points are in fact of the same colour,
drawn different for convenience.

The same by needles (in Insect system).

This scheme is currently used for a person who developed a stroke status several years ago and now has had a heart attack. One may give more treatment in heart direction and then switch to path to brain, orienting on patient's feelings, hour of a day and other factors, or use one path this day and other next time.

In this case, though main amount of pathogenic energy is in the heart region, the points unblocking the situation tend to be on brain region.

This scheme may also be used as very general approach to correct emotional/mental problems
as heart is centre of human emotions and brain for mental activity.
Here the 1-st point seems to work as gateway to direct energy either heart or brain path
depending on the situation and other factors like hour of day, prevailing symptomes.
For "Neitro-people":
work on this one point may turn enough to balance the situation, so far other points are switched to action automatically.

This particular scheme, however, is not for acute conditions like the moment and several
hours after heart attack or the same for stroke, especially haemorrage type (the needles should be at 
different angle and stones of different colour).

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