July 11, 2011

Tour de France 2011 crashes

Considering how many traumas are literally ripping Tour de France this year,  below
are schemes by Time Energies to treat by the moment the accident happened.
This is to additionally practice in schemes for narrowly-focused Triorigin Chronopuncture
tracing back the moment of trauma up to minutes, so far this is available at Cyclingnews 

Bradley Wiggins, July 8, 17.14 local time, collarbone fracture:

Ellipses show a cross-section of
joints to mark position of points
on joint line, view from top.

--- point 1 - 2011 year
--- point 2 - July
--- point 3 - 8-th July
--- point 4 - 17 hours
--- point 5 - 17.15

--- point 5 - tone up Neito, to fundamentally calm energies "whirled up" by crash
--- 6 - sedate Hetero, the impact energy and energy of disintegration (fracture)
--- 7 - tone up Gomo, energy to join bone fragments
--- 8 - Neitro energy tone up or control.

The points 5,6,7,8 can be replaced by just point 5 working in general harmonization mode (needle,
moxibustion perpendicular to point), which is possible for self-treatment and is similar effective.

The scheme works for all other cyclists involved in that crash, who got ANYTHING disintegrated
like fractures, tendons ripped, wounds, scratches.
In case of any other traumas, like brain concussion, the scheme in harmonization mode will work, regardless 
of the problem caused by this crash, because the scheme simply levels disrupted energies 
to normal (Sylvian Chavanel and others).

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