January 19, 2017

Optical nerve glioma case, Reiki treatment help

Optical nerve glioma case:

The girl has been had a distant Reiki help for already 1.5 years, however due to a lot of other children from charity sites getting the same, her treatment was less, than was needed, which resulted in relapse, photo of Feb 13 2016:

Urgent help resulted in vivid improvement, June 16, 2016, though it took about 4 months of everyday work.


Since then it went uphill for all aspects, except nagging infections, she's been having several times.
Recent photo:


The case is really difficult for some reasons, for the cancer's core aspects and persistency, compared to even more aggressive and 100% deadly glioblastoma cases, 3 now in work, or the medulloblastoma mentioned in the previous post, which are showing ready and stable response for distant Reiki. 

Medulloblastoma case

The girl is receiving Reiki treatment as distant help to test Reiki for cancer, and the results are seen on attached photos.
First one was made 20 Dec 2016, when she had a relapse of the disease and brain surgery. Second one was 13.01.2017, when she was skiing.

Can't say the case is top complex, however medulloblastoma relapse is always considered as very serious
sign for the future of a patient.