February 21, 2011

Retinoblastoma II

Generally retinoblastoma is to be expected a very aggressive type of cancer since energy sequence for it consists exclusively by both energies responsible for cancer's spreading - Burn and Wind 
and Burn is repeated 3 times (which may be expected for brain and pancreatic cancer).


General scheme from retina mapping by sequence of energies:
Burn--->Wind--->Burn (eyes)--->Burn(retina): Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up (Neitro, Neito control)

 Scheme to fight cancer's roots

Scheme to tame cancer's spreading,
Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up

Theory behind the schemes is the same as for other cancer type, discussed 

Non-professional use: 
--- massage of points in a sequence by smth like round tip of a pencil
--- taping green natural crystals onto all 3, crystals may be any like malachite, peridote, amazonite etc, size 2-4 mm, for several hours, up to 24 hours. After use to be treated in salted water 1 teaspoon for a glass, for 24 hours.
--- heating the points in the sequence by an incense stick, holding it perpendicular at comfortable distance,
for 0.5-1-2 min each, start with 0.5 min,or until a pleasant warm sensation at each point.
Point 3 is heated 2 times in a row! 
Professional treatment by needles implies there are 2 needles inserted into point 3, for the sequence Burn--->Burn, for more simplicity the point is numbered once.

The Light-Darkness scheme:

Both types of schemes: Nails System, previous, and this, allow very fast action however the latter operates on most fundamental level
(Diamond Energy System) working very fast at the same time
(option for emergency help for eyes traumas).

Points 1 and 2 direct action to eyes region.
Different colours for point 3 show options for:
--- sedation - taming cancer's spreading - dark point
--- harmonization - balancing energies in the area - green point
May be used to correct main treatment and between main sessions
of sedation and toning up
--- tone up - fighting cancer at it's roots - violet point

General idea of treatment for non-specialists is to alternate schemes for sedation and toning up,
one day the first, next day the second, overal 10-12 days session then break for 4-5 days.
If cancer is very aggressive, one is to concentrate on schemes to tame cancer's spreading
and have1-2 or maybe no breaks in treatment.
Unfortunately there is no universal guidance.

These are general schemes applicable for every case; schemes for a particular case take into account 
personal energy troubles having caused cancer so may work more presicely.