January 30, 2011

Colon cancer, metastatic in liver and lungs

A case of colon cancer methastatic in liver and lungs:
1-st scheme - tracking down the path cancer developed:


Multiple points show options for treatmet:
--- dark/green: sedate or harmonize Light/tone up Darkness, stopping cancer's spreading
--- red/blue points - working with general cancer energies: Cold (Gomo, blue) and Burn (Hetero, red)

2-nd scheme - collecting the involved energies:

 The same for multiple points.

The two schemes for best effect are to be

January 29, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords, head shot IV

According to the recent CNN article:
Possible problems:
--- brain infection
--- buildup of fluid in brain
Managing brain swelling was in first post; for infection:
--- bacterial and virus infection generally relates to energy of Cold
which is the same as main energy of trauma since several hours from accident and 
the scheme was also in first post.

Infection is accompanyed by inflammation, so there are 2 energies to deal with: Cold and Heat.

Fluid accumulation is excess of Dampness, so the scheme to cover all:

--- 1 - path to brain
--- 2 - sedation of Cold, bacteria+virus
--- 3 - sedation/harmonization of Dampness, fluids accumulation
--- 4 - sedation of Heat, inflammation
--- 5 - tone up Darkness, restoring integrity of tissues
--- 6 - tone up Wind, fluids accumulation
--- 7 - tone up Burn, opposite to Cold, healing trauma and fighting infection
--- 8, 9 - controlling energies.
The 3 energies to sedate can lead to standard scheme by disease Constitution to imply toning up the rest 3 energies, which is alternative approach, to have energy of Darkness as controlling. 

Energy of Darkness has 2 meanings:
--- closing of wound as opposite to energy of bullet - Light
--- but it is harmful in case of paresis, paralysis.
This is easily solved if compose individual schemes:
--- for structural aspects - it restores brain tissues
--- for functional aspects where it causes all functions losses and is to be sedated

January 24, 2011

Gabrielle Goffords, head shot, update

Update to the post:
As the entering point of bullet was on her face not a shot from behind as previously announced, 
the energy mapping for the wound from this side:
Burn (nerv. system)--->Light (brain)--->Heat (above eyebrows)--->Cold (entering point of bullet, women): scheme related to the symptomes:

For men for the same wound the scheme will differ in last energy:

The scheme in first post is therefore for the area the bullet left her head:

so the 2 schemes can be alternated 
in use.

So far the situation is not life-threatening anymore, her staff may do both schemes for her, just taping
natural crystals size 2-4 mm of the same colours onto points for several hours, begin with 20 min,
changing schemes every day.

January 19, 2011

AML, acute myeloid leukemia

Energies and organs involved in leukemia were described earlier.
For a case of AML with basophills as cancer source cells:
Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Light (haemopoetic system): Dryness (basophils)

This allows:
1. To tame growth of bulk of immature cells:
Heat--->Light---> Dryness: Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up

2. To push them to mature state:
 Heat--->Light---> Dryness: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up 
which is the same picture as for any cancer forming tumours, considering the dilemma of rooting
of tumour and it's spreading (discussed earlier many times).

Leukemia is:
--- much less blocking the energy paths, which allows easy action by acupuncture 
at any stage
--- on the other hand, it strikes the components of immune system itself and the bone marrow
Practice shows this doesn't prevent work through immune system and create any specific

3. To treat the bone marrow itself, the scheme:
one can do for example moxibustion to intensify energy circulation there. 

Considering this very case of AML, there is a scheme to eliminate the energy deficiency in the area
which is one of core factors for the disease to appear:

"Light-Darkness" scheme:
--- points are obtained by dividing the meridian, it's ends makred by brown asterics, consequentially into halves
--- there's choice for the point 3: red - tone up
and green - harmonization.

The area falls between general zones of Dryness
and Cold for the body which illustrates this particular
--- Dryness is the energy of basophills
--- Cold is basic energy of cancer

This case also shows serious energy disbalance
for the area of Burn, the second basic energy of cancer - retina affected, eyes are controlled by
energy of Burn.

Schemes for AML with involved neitrophills or monocytes differs only in energy 
for these:
--- neitrophills - Dampness
--- monocytes - Wind
and similarly in case of other cells.

January 14, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords, head shot III

Healing by Time Energies was described earlier:

For mrs.Giffords case:

First scheme is for the moment of accident, Jan 8, 2011.

Simplest version with all 3 points working in harmonization mode:
--- marked on joints fingers

2 versions with targetted action described by ellipses on palm:
--- ellipses are the cross-section of the joint with point 3, view from top!
--- all points are at 90* to each other: the green point on the first ellipse is in the joint knuckle, the blue point - on the medial line on the right side of a finger

This scheme has emergency action to manage bullet impact, bleeding (discussed earlier), restore integrity of damaged tissue.


The same for the second ellipse.

This scheme is usually used later to manage brain swelling and 
long-term post-traumatic complications (see the first post).

The above schemes alone helps recovery; if combine with a scheme for the current day, the effect will be
much stronger:
--- points 1 and 2 stay the same
--- point 3 and the joint to apply schemes 2 and 3
is marked by small brown numbers for each day
i.e. 14, 15... to 21 January

Treatment methods were described in:

So far this method is 100% safe, one can use needles:
--- non-professionals use simplest 1-st method with 3 green points
--- needles doesn't need to be inserted into flesh, simple contact of tip with skin is enough
--- one can use pine or spruce needles just washed of dust
--- one makes a tiny hole in a piece of tape, inserts a needle and tapes this into the point so that
needle's tip touches skin
--- needles are taped in sequence of numbers, all them perpendicular to skin, for 20 min.

There may be moxibustion:
--- heating the points in the sequence by an incense stick, holding it perpendicular at comfortable distance,
for 0.5-1-2 min each, start with 0.5 min,or until a pleasant warm sensation at each
This is easy and may work even stronger for traumas.

 Easier methods:
--- massage of points in a sequence by smth like round tip of a pencil
--- taping green natural crystals onto all 3, crystals may be any like malachite, peridote, amazonite etc, size 2-4 mm, for several hours, up to 24 hours. After use to be treated in salted water 1 teaspoon for a glass, for 24 hours
--- black or green plant seeds like pepper grains/lentils, for several hours up to 24 hours, then changed 
to fresh ones.

Using both schemes, for 8 January and current day: scheme for 8-th Jan in the morning and for current day in the evening.

Time Energies methods are unique in their simplicity and efficiency.

January 13, 2011

Gabriele Giffords, head shot II

Previous schemes in Nails system and Royal Healing on Border meridians give effect 
in few minutes so fit the requirements for emergency aid.
On the other hand, schemes on meridians are sensitive to general body energy level.

Schemes on zones and areas work more slowly but give longer effect.
There are energies specific to every organ which allow action on for example brain swelling 
controlled by energy of Dampness:
--- Dampness in Su-jok medicine controls spleen, stomach and partly pancreas so simple 
massage/moxibustion of the zones balances Dampness everywhere in the body

In classic Chinese medicine:
--- liquids balance is dynamically controlled by lungs, so massage/moxibustion can affect swelling as process
--- besides, in Chinese medicine brain and all "water" in body are controlled by energy of kidneys, which works as basic support for brain.

Su-jok and Chinese medicine approach can be combined in the same treatment.

Su-jok analysis of mrs.Giffords images on her general health and energy portrait tells she'll likely not experience any brain swelling in next critical days.

January 12, 2011

Gabriele Giffords, head shot

There's been 2 entries on brain's general mapping on palm and brain cancers
posted earlier.
Su-jok medicine for gunshot wounds operates with the same ideas for traumas in general: bone fracture, 
bleeding, raising of tissue pressure, inflammation etc.

Traumatic factors for gunshot wounds in head:
 --- initial bullet impact, kinetic energy absorbed by brain
--- rupture of tissue, bleeding
--- quickly developing haematoma, life-threatening imbalance of fluids, rapid raise of intracranial pressure
--- liquids imbalance causing brain swelling in first several days, inflammation
--- blood supply shortage in the area of trauma, inflammation, possible tissue necrosis, poor healing 
of wound itself

General path to brain is, in 8 Qi
Burn(nerv. system)---> Light (brain)

1.The bullet generates a shockwave as a cone channel expanding in all directions to affect the whole brain.
For the pass-through wounds the absorbed energy is much lower.
The shock energy is Burn=Yang (explosive, expanding); for the bullet impact it can be regarded Light - the Extreme energy causing ultimate damage

2. Rupture of tissue is also Burn (or Light), bleeding is Heat, if massive - Burn

3.Quickly-developing haematoma and raise of intracranial pressure is also Burn

The fast-working energy systems are:
--- Nails system, also probably the most convinient
--- The "Royal Healing" on Border meridians, which is fast and most fundamental 
at the same time.

For the first several hours since the accident the general scheme looks as:

Burn(nerv. system)---> Light(brain): Burn and Light (initial shock, massive bleeding, rapid
raise of intracranial pressure) sedate, Cold and Darkness (opposite energies) tone up,
Dampness (liquids balance) harmonization (needle perpendicular), also Wind perpendicular or sedate to control seizures and similar.
 The Royal scheme:
--- points 1,2,3, locate the action in upper part of head
--- point 4 has 2 choices: dark - sedation of Light, the main destructive energy right after the shot, green - general harmonization.

Such or the simplest treatment on Brain meridian first moments after the shot to manage the absorbed impact can eliminate a lot of problems later and even save the victim's life.

Such fast developing conditions need the link between Brain and Spinal Cord:

--- they are connected physically
--- they are in Yin-Yang relations so excess of any type of energy in brain can be managed through
Spinal cord meridian
thus the scheme to draw away harmful energy from brain can be done on Spinal cord:

The Royal Scheme with all points in green - general harmonization, also prevents harmful Dampness:
imbalance of fluids, swelling etc.

Post-traumatic symptomes:
4. Brain swelling in several days after the accident is energy of Dampness, also formation of clots
5. Possible loss of brain functions, necrosis, poor healing are caused by Yin energies:
--- Dampness - everything related to liquids, swelling, formation of clots
--- Dryness - spasms, shortage of any function
--- Cold - critical problems with blood circulation (the same as stroke), severe loss of brain functions, scarring, necrosis.

General managing of swelling:
--- 2 orange points - sedation of Heat
and tone up Dryness - prevent swelling
---tone up Wind, lower left green point,
is to control/sedate (depends on situation) Dampness

For post-traumatic complications like paresis, paralysis, loss of brain function the scheme will be mirror-like to the previous emergency schemes:

Burn--->Light: Cold (main trauma energy) sedate, Darkness (paralysis, absence of function) sedate, Wind (impulse to change), Burn, Light(opposite to Cold and Darkness) tone up.

 For mrs. Gabrielle Giffords there may be more schemes from the location of wound:

1. Mapping of wound location at left brain hemisphere:
Burn(nerv.system)--->Light(brain)--->Burn (location by height)--->Dampness (left side from behind, the entering point of bullet): energies to work on
The energies were described earlier for each situation, here to manage the long-term effects:

--- points 1,2,3 - targetting the spot of trauma
--- points 4,6 sedation of Cold, tone up 
Burn, point 5 - tone up Wind.

3. Local systems:

 --- possible location of bullet holes is marked on the brain zone on finger (brown asterik)
--- circle drawn around 
--- points marked on the cicrle
--- 2 Dark points - to facilitate closing
the wound
--- 2 green points - control of swelling

Points can be chosen according to
general situation, for example, treatment of inflammation (sedation of Heat) etc. 

4. Valuable scheme considering the bullet passed through: 
--- line is drawn connecting the holes across the top of finger to mark the bullet path
--- 4 points marked on that line at equal distances so that 2 correspond to the holes

 Here 2 red points aim at fighting 
long-term post-traumatic effects of losing brain functions etc.

On the other hand, version with same
points marked blue facilitates wound

Points may fall on nail but this is not an obstacle for Su-Jok medicine as one can do:
--- moxibustion at desired angle to
sedate or tone up points
--- small magnets which have North pole to sedate and south pole to tone up
--- luminodiode pulsing light emitter

Very effective is laser treatment with a lot of different laser modules and choice for colour.