January 13, 2011

Gabriele Giffords, head shot II

Previous schemes in Nails system and Royal Healing on Border meridians give effect 
in few minutes so fit the requirements for emergency aid.
On the other hand, schemes on meridians are sensitive to general body energy level.

Schemes on zones and areas work more slowly but give longer effect.
There are energies specific to every organ which allow action on for example brain swelling 
controlled by energy of Dampness:
--- Dampness in Su-jok medicine controls spleen, stomach and partly pancreas so simple 
massage/moxibustion of the zones balances Dampness everywhere in the body

In classic Chinese medicine:
--- liquids balance is dynamically controlled by lungs, so massage/moxibustion can affect swelling as process
--- besides, in Chinese medicine brain and all "water" in body are controlled by energy of kidneys, which works as basic support for brain.

Su-jok and Chinese medicine approach can be combined in the same treatment.

Su-jok analysis of mrs.Giffords images on her general health and energy portrait tells she'll likely not experience any brain swelling in next critical days.

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