July 15, 2011

Emergency acupuncture for cyclists III, head

In case of severe blow in head, it's good to use links of brain to kidneys
and massage to kidneys reflex zones helps the trauma:

zones for kidneys on the right image, Insect
Correspondence system.

Besides, massage and heating the whole path 
for spinal column on finger will help drive away
the harmful energy from brain.

Finger of choice may be:
--- ring finger left hand - finger of Burn,
the energy for brain and nerv. system
--- ring finger right hand - finger of Cold, 
main trauma energy.


Brain is controlled by energy of Burn and kidneys by energy of Cold; Burn and Cold energies are in axis relation.

Besides, several hours since trauma, general trauma energy 
becomes energy of Cold, so working on kidneys helps
eliminate it.


Emergency acupuncture for cyclists II

There are of course more emergency type schemes, like:
--- Correspondence systems, needles/crystals/other tools applied right
on the reflex zone for the trauma
--- "local" systems
all this is well-known for Su-jok specialists.

One method is particularly interesting: if, for example, there's a deep cut, one can use 
plant seeds applied onto the reflex zone around the cut so that their magnetic fields are 
directed inside to push the edges to close: 

The cut is on outer side of left shin, seeds applied
on the corresponding zone.

Seed's magnetic field is very weak but the same level as human magnetic fields, giving sort of resonance and human tissues respond.

The magn. field vector is usually directed from
sharp to blunt edge of a seed, so to help wound close
one orients them blunt edge inside (pic).

This has much wider application, for example, for asthma to expand bronchi; to help drive away kidney/bladder stones; to help prolapsed uterus etc.

Low energy laser treatment is of particular interest for emergency help for traumas, as laser
beam has prominent "antiseptic" and cleansing properties; besides, green laser has 
significant pain-killer effect, and if applied to right points, can ease riding for injured rider
similar to pain-killers.

However, there's usual problem of right dosing for laser treatment, so one is to have clear understanding 
of rider's state and the situation.