April 28, 2017

Neuroblastoma 4-th stage, update, big success

Remarkable success so far, for outstandingly grave case of newborn with neuroblastoma:
--- girl weighting 3 kg
--- huge tumor weighting about 500g!

She has been receiving distant help since her story appeared on one charity site about 7 months ago.
There were no much expectations, nevertheless distant healing was performed almost everyday. She of course has been having intense standard treatments: operation and multiple chemotherapies.

Update today: everything ok, SHE IS HEALTHY! - no pathology found.

She had and has amazingly strong fundamental energy, where cancer operates, which was the reason to expect at least slowing down or stopping tumor progression - however she managed to bring it to the point of, above.

Today's photo:

Optical nerve glioma case, update


Latest scan: tumor stable.
"... Kaitlens MRI results her tumors are still stable. No growth."

This case is quite special: despite optical path gliomas are more benign, than malignant, this doesn't make progress faster, maybe instead, this case demonstrates amazing resistance. Much more malignant tumors react on distant healing much faster, showing regression at least for less significant parts.

Tumor is stable already for more than a year though.