July 10, 2011

Rhabdomyosarcoma case, evaluation

Evaluation of a rhabdomyosarcoma case, tumour initially located at right forearm:
Wind (muscles)--->Dryness(right forearm): energies to work on

The scheme used for cancer and generally applicable for malignant tunours:
--- to fight sarcoma at it's roots: Gomo (energy for roots) sedate, Hetero (opposite energy) tone up,
2 red points
--- to tame it's spreading: Hetero (spreading), sedate, Gomo (calmness) tone up, 2 blue points
both approaches are to be altered:

Sarcoms as generally very aggressive tumours may get treatment on the fundamental
Cold-Burn level:
--- energy of Cold as untimate Gomo energy attributed for it's roots, and preferable treatment 
on Cold meridian is sedation of Gomo (roots), tone up Hetero (opposite energy)
--- energy of Burn is generally responsible for spreading so treatment is sedation of Hetero
(expansion, spreading) and tone up Gomo (contraction, calmness)
[One can do the same on Gomo (for roots) and Hetero (for spreading) meridians
on Gomo finger (malignant tumour)].

--- the type of tumours it forms, resembling fish flesh, means Dampness energy, while cancer as a rule 
forms dense tumours (energy of Cold)
--- that sarcomas appear more aggressive in general than cancer and prone to metastasise
earlier, also muscles system was the target - Wind energy
--- which means one can add treatment on Dampness and Wind meridians, to sedate the main points: Dampness and Wind respectively.
The resulting scheme:

A very fundamental scheme to use Triorigin healing for this case (primary tumour location, forearm):
No--->Ho--->Ho(layers system)--->Ne(muscles)--->Ne--->He(model type)--->Ne(extremities)--->
Ne(right arm)--->Ho(forearm):

--- joints 1,2,3,4 - position of points to target the sarcoma location, also shown is direction of needles,
perpendicular to all points

Treatment itself shown at bottom: 
--- done on all joints of middle finger including nail
--- both red points - fighting sarcoma roots, both blue points - taming spreading
--- other 2 points - one is at the same location as point 2 in sequence targeting sarcoma location 1,2,3,4, another is below the nail of middle finger as shown.

For self-treatment one can use natural crystals of the same colours 2-3 mm size taped onto points like discussed in this blog.