April 20, 2011

Astma, autoimmune concept

This is really promising for the results got in a study in progress, general idea is the same 
as described in:
Both paths via B-lymphocytes and the "blood stem cells" megakariocytes work.
First is actually a "translation" into Su-jok of a mechanism described for astma, where:
--- T-lymphocytes excret specific cytokines which activate eosynophills and production of IgE
by B-lymphocytes
--- IgE activate mast cells which release mediators like histamin, cycteine leikotriens, PGH D2
finally causing bronchospasm.

That the same works OK through megakariocytes path has Su-jok explanation as Darkness energy
indicates severe and potential life-threatening energy behind the disease.
Or this may be nature of Spiral systems in which work is being done, because of their ability to correct 
and adapt, even offering "better solutions" than the scheme actually being implemented (additional meridians swiched on without any special action).