August 22, 2011

Katrin Zeta Jones, bipolar disorder

The post with general info on on bipolar disorder:

Considering the hidden third energy in case of Katrin Zeta-Jones, from her appearance this
is Dampness energy: relatively powerful shape, balanced insightful character, there's impression she may be  prone to anxiety.

the energy picture
is lower left,
Heat, Dampness, Dryness

The treatment:
Heat, Dampness, Dryness sedate, Wind, Burn, Cold tone up
Recipe in points:

colour of points is colour of natural crystals
to tape on.
This may be combined with easy moxibustion:
heating points by several incense sticks tied together, perpendicular to all points to have a constant pleasant flow of heat,
in a sequence:
orange--->yellow---> light blue --->
green at right--->blue---> red---> green point on the top of finger.
each point for 30sec to 1 min

For her finger of choice may be little finger right hand, or ring finger right hand.