May 10, 2011

Bipolar disorder, Linda Hamilton

An overview of bipolar disorder, related to wonderful actress Linda Hamilton.
Bipolar disorder has 2 basic states and one's moving closer to either polar emotional state, depending on season, month, even a day period.

Basic energies in excess responsible for bipolar disorder:
---Dryness - depression
--- Heat - joy, enthusiasm

The problem is,  Heat and Dryness are in axis relation which explains difficulties 
in standard drugs treatment:
--- antidepressants taming Dryness stimulate Heat and problem stays locked
--- the same for sedatives, which reduce Heat but tone up Dryness.

(similar to cancer, so far there are also 2 basic 
polar energies involved: Cold (tumours structures)
and Burn (cancer's spreading))

Everybody has an Fundamental Energy Constitution with 3 energies in excess and 3 insufficient, and Su-jok theory suggests third energy involved in a disease, which gives a number of Energy constitutions for this particular case or a disease in general.

There are 4 other energies neighbouring Heat and Dryness from each side, corresponding to emotions/states:
--- Wind - anger
--- Burn - euphoria
--- Dampness - anxiety
--- Cold - fear

One can see, these energies relate to very different states, so in fact there may be
no less than 4 types of bipolar disorder, determined by 3-rd involved energy.
This allows to unlock the Heat-Dryness grip if determine this "hidden" 

Thus, if one has Wind - anger, aggression as 3-rd energy, the energy relations will be:
--- excess of Heat, Dryness, Wind
--- Burn, Dampness, Cold insufficient ("the Crossing constitution")
which gives an acu scheme: Wind+Heat+Dryness sedate, Burn+Dampness+Cold 
tone up.

So the recipe for this type of bipolar disorder actually involves strengthening anxiety (Dampness) and fear (Cold), which may look ridiculous, however combined with the rest of treatment, this gives the necessary effect.

The treatment is better to be done in fundamental system, like Diamond Energy system, Border meridians (fast action):

The most "unbelievable" treatment scheme is maybe for 2-nd case, with Burn - euphoria 
as 3-rd energy, which means:
--- anger - Wind
--- anxiety - Dampness
--- fear - Cold 
to be stimulated to get one to normal.

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