May 10, 2011

Heart attack VII, Time Energies

Treatment by Time Energies helps for any disease at any stage.
A scheme for heart attack if for example, it happened today, 10 May
at 10.25 local time:

Treatment in general harmonization mode,which is simplest so possible to do by non-professionals; at the same time, may turn optimal for professionals in case of a variety of quickly developing symptomes right at the scene.

Treatment methods are:
--- marking points by colour pen 
--- taping green or black natural crystals
or plant seeds like lentils/blackseed
--- moxibustion with moxas or incense sticks perpendicular to all points
--- needles inserted perpendicular.

This type of treatment is best for a disease which strikes at particular moment of time,
which can be used in combination for the same treatment for a current day.

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