September 6, 2012


Thymoma usually occurs as benign tumour, however there's always a chance for this to turn
into cancerous process, like in case of astrocytoma with 4 gradations from pure benign to
clearly malignant state.
With thymus targeted as Dampness--->Wind:

Benign tumours have Dampness energy for roots compared to Cold energy for malignant tumours, so the scheme is more radical, as Cold is more serious Yin state which grows as: 


Treatment for purely benign thymoma, making 2-path scheme through Dampness energy 
instead of Cold:

Link for the post with explanations for 2-path scheme was given in previous post.

Insuloma, malignant

Cancer treatment to involve both destruction of cancer's roots and taming it's spreading
via single scheme:
Addressing endocrine glands has it's specific path via main Dampness energy (or starting with
Burn--->Dampness, if consider it an neuroendocrine system): 
[Dampness (endocrine system)--->Dampness (endocrine part of pancreas)]---> [2-path scheme]

It's essential that the scheme targets any place with endocrine function besides pancreas tail,  so far these elements are spread all over the pancreas body.

Insuloma presents additional problems like:
--- abnormal secretion of insulin which makes the situation mirror-like to diabetes 1 type, but
raises the same problem of sugar level management
--- a specific danger at surgery where there can be a massive flush of released insulin into
a bloodstream to result in sharp drop of sugar level.

Pancreas endocrine and exocrine part are addressed by very different paths:
--- Dampness--->Dampness
--- Heat--->Burn for the latter
so the above scheme has little effect for pancreas cancer. Because the paths are different, it's essential 
to give a scheme for pancreas cancer itself in separate post.