May 20, 2012

Cancer, universal 2-path scheme

As cancer has 2 polar energies behind:

--- energy of Yin = Cold for roots (main)
--- energy of Yang = Burn for spreading
simple treatment schemes aim at either roots or proliferation to be alternated:

2-path scheme implements routes via both energies to cover the situation in a single scheme
as below.
Energies of Yin = Cold and Yang = Burn represent 2 main cancer's energies and the ultimate
Yin and Yang states reveal in energies of Darkness and Light respectively.

One starts with the meridian controlling the organ or system stricken by cancer:
with points of Cold and Burn, then extending paths from Cold to Darkness meridian, and from Burn to Light meridian.
Treatment is done on Darkness and Light meridians:
--- sedating Gomo (rooting) and tones up Hetero
--- sedating spreading (He) and tones up opposite energy Ho, respectively.
It's clear to use such schemes one has to work in 8 Qi system.

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