May 12, 2017

DIPG case, distant healing, update

"Happy Friday from someone in a AWESOME mood!!!"

Everything seems good and there's no reason, why this case can't be brought to complete healing - which may take more than a year though.
Advantage of relatively early cancer stage, the rest is solvable.

May 4, 2017

DIPG case, distant healing, update

Yesterday's photo:

Face assymmetry disappeared - meaning, the tumor is not pressing on the  corresponding brain zones as before - meaning, tumor lost it's power to that extent and maybe shrunk physically. 

Her mother wrote, she,s experiencing certain stiffness in left hand, and left side of body is "getting weaker" - which is quite obvious, as the damages cancer already created, are coming to surface and revealed, with action on fundamental level. 
This is just fraction of what can appear during such, as i expected quite substantial loss of her activity, and maybe a half-sleepy state at times, 
so far A LOT OF her energy goes now into cutting cancer's roots, and there is HUGE AMOUNT of it needed for this.

She continues to attend school though, which again shows, she has plenty of energy in stock, and I can't see the reason complete healing can't be done.

 She just before distant healing started:

They started new chemo - or hasn't yet, unclear - 4 days ago, and not doing any other treatment, so this couldn't bring these changes of course.

May 2, 2017

DIPG cases, update

Positive shifts:
"...What a nice way to start the day. Zamora is happy and laughing a lot today. Positive results from the hyperbaric treatment. She is moving her right arm and her legs some as well. Please keep sending love and good thoughts! It's going to be a good day! Off to see a movie!"

Video of her in the post.

Situation with cancer remains questionable about prospects, however at this point there seem more chances for survival.

The progress is clear:

She seems to be looking as if caught on smth inappropriate...though this is just a photo before "off to school". 
Cancer's core components forming a negative emo-mental cluster, are getting released, so at times these are colouring one's mood and appearance, though she obviously hasn't gone anything even nearly bad now, which comprises cancer cluster, having been collected in the past - or in case of children - collected as family negative karma.

No doubts of positive outcome for tis case. She's too strong and for  distant energy healing there's no type of cancer resistent to. 

The only moment is, if one has enough energy to be blended with coming healing energy, because healing can only progress to the extent  of how much of one's energy interacts with healing energy.


Brain stem glioma, exophytic growth

Girl 4 years old, diagnosed Jan 11 2017, operation took place Jan 18 2017, reported as major part of a tumor has been removed. After that, radiation treatment.
She's having distant healing for about 1.5 months. 

The latest update 04.04.2017 is of joy and happiness, which seemingly indicate situation has seriously improved. Exophytic brainstem gliomas are of more benign nature, than DIPG, so chances for longer survival are bigger.
Additionally, she has quite strong energy on fundamental level, where cancer takes roots, and tumor seemingly has been detected at early stage.

Time Energies scheme by the date of operation: