August 25, 2011

Sean Connery II

Schemes in Triorigin combine fundamental action and simplicity, at least the way they look.
This doesn't mean schemes in 8 Qi used in previous post and in this blog, are less effective.
When dealing with deep-rooting chronic conditions or those even having heritage history, the Triorigin schemes may work smoother:

1.He--->Ho: collecting energies of all affected Yang organs and directing them to Homo meridian

2. Ho--->Ho: the same for all Yin organs
3. Ho: Ho sedate, Ne control: sedation of Ho energy which comprises all harmful energies listed
in previous post, on Ho meridian.

Red point inside green means, there are 2 needles
to be inserted or 2 crystals taped onto this point.

Left spin for the Spiral matrix is for right palm, choice for men.