January 19, 2011

AML, acute myeloid leukemia

Energies and organs involved in leukemia were described earlier.
For a case of AML with basophills as cancer source cells:
Heat (cardiovascular system)--->Light (haemopoetic system): Dryness (basophils)

This allows:
1. To tame growth of bulk of immature cells:
Heat--->Light---> Dryness: Hetero sedate, Gomo tone up

2. To push them to mature state:
 Heat--->Light---> Dryness: Gomo sedate, Hetero tone up 
which is the same picture as for any cancer forming tumours, considering the dilemma of rooting
of tumour and it's spreading (discussed earlier many times).

Leukemia is:
--- much less blocking the energy paths, which allows easy action by acupuncture 
at any stage
--- on the other hand, it strikes the components of immune system itself and the bone marrow
Practice shows this doesn't prevent work through immune system and create any specific

3. To treat the bone marrow itself, the scheme:
one can do for example moxibustion to intensify energy circulation there. 

Considering this very case of AML, there is a scheme to eliminate the energy deficiency in the area
which is one of core factors for the disease to appear:

"Light-Darkness" scheme:
--- points are obtained by dividing the meridian, it's ends makred by brown asterics, consequentially into halves
--- there's choice for the point 3: red - tone up
and green - harmonization.

The area falls between general zones of Dryness
and Cold for the body which illustrates this particular
--- Dryness is the energy of basophills
--- Cold is basic energy of cancer

This case also shows serious energy disbalance
for the area of Burn, the second basic energy of cancer - retina affected, eyes are controlled by
energy of Burn.

Schemes for AML with involved neitrophills or monocytes differs only in energy 
for these:
--- neitrophills - Dampness
--- monocytes - Wind
and similarly in case of other cells.