February 19, 2012

Jean-Paul Belmondo, stroke

Treatment by Time Energies discussed many times, based on a date when problem appeared,
8 August, 2001: 


 all needles perpendicular

Green natural crystals plus moxibustion perpendicular to all points, for self-treatment

Such scheme addresses the moment something happened, so automatically covers all consequences
 whatever complex it may be: all suffering brain zones, affected parts of body etc.
The scheme is simple enough to be done by the patient himself, at the same time, such schemes are
most fundamental versions of most fundamental Triorigin schemes:

One can have more detailed approach for stroke, ischemic stroke:
Ho (ischemia) sedate, He (opposite energy) tone up, Ne tone up, No either controlling (needle perpendicular) or in this case, may be sedated (persistent illness lasting for 11 years)
done on the joint with point 3.