November 4, 2011

Diabetes I type case, in details, session 13

November 1.
1. Constitutions Energies scheme:

--- excess of Dampness, Dryness, Cold
--- as a result, insufficiency of Wind, Heat and Burn

Correction on Central Border meridian:

In fact this was tried at first several Su-jok sessions but that time it was more important to have harmful energies better exposed for diagnostics and
composing the schemes.

 Excess of Yin energies  - points located on his front,
in particular, makes his trunk bend forward a bit.

The patient readily felt energy coming in and general harmonization.
This scheme was recommended for self-treatment by taping crystals of the same colour.
To avoid too much stress for body this scheme will be alternated with schemes on Outer chakras
he's currently doing.

2. Fundamental Triorigin scheme:

4. Treatment on chakras:

only on Inner boyl-chakras so far the patient does self-treatment on Outer boyl-chakras.
5. Correspondence systems - testing state of pancreas on all fingers.
More clogged appeared a zone on colon zone, 3 needles into it and the patient felt tingling in pancreas.

His Dryness chakra was essentially blocked at early stages of treatment and was getting unblocked more slowly than chakras of Cold (bladder; also main diabetes energy in his case) and Dampness (pancreas itself)  working as a barrier for general energy flow upwards.

6. Testing one type of anticancer scheme in 8 Qi - to get more evidence this can work for diabetes.
The patient told of quick harmonization and energy coming in when another anticancer scheme was tested
The patient told it activated work of Triorigin scheme for diabetes which was applied 30 min earlier
and was working very little by that moment.