November 3, 2011

Heart problems, complex case, session 3

1.Fundamental Triorigin scheme, discussed earlier:
3. Testing scheme to strengthen thromb rooting in aneurism cavity:

The Spiral system was chosen to have most balanced and smooth action so far acting on thromb directly
is potentially dangerous:

The patient told about a "chilling feeling" in small spot where the aneurism is located, which confirms the scheme works so far this is feature of Cold=Yin energy.

4. Constitution Energies:
His Energy Constitution was determined as:
--- excess of Burn, Dampness and Dryness
--- as a result, Wind, Heat and Cold are insufficient

the scheme was composed on Central Vertical
Border meridian so far his troubles are mostly
located along this path; heart, kidneys etc. 

The scheme worked so well from the very moment it was applied, that virtually all his problems began to be healed, and the focus appeared right in the location of aneurism.

This illustrates how Constitutional Energies in serious imbalance one was born with, are enough to cause the whole list of problems described earlier; the scheme seemed to work no less effective than mentioned Fundamental Triorigin scheme.
It's not often that simple correction of Constitutional energies if done as self-treatment can actually heal all the problems, though much more slowly than full treatment.